Written by Gundam-Ranger-X   
Friday, 13 August 2004

Platform: Movie
Genre: Sci-Fi
Publisher: 20th Century Fox
Released: 2004

Well, let's see. Where do I begin:

Okay, I'll give it it's dues... It won't take that long.

This was a pretty good movie as far as movies are concerned. It had a pretty decent plot and the movie went in an intresting derection from the get go. I actualy had fun watching it.

The effect were pretty cool too. Nothing really breath taking but still pretty cool.

Also, I really liked the fact that they had the guy who played Bishop return. I found that trully Alienesque. (Yes, I'm an Alien fan.)

So overall this was an okay sci-fi/horror movie.


As far as AVP is concerned this movie was a sack of crap in a big pile of shit. Okay maybe it wasn't that bad but it wasn't good. A big dissapointment.

Okay first, it was way too short. Everything was way too rushed and squezed together. It's like they tried to make a two or three movie mini series into like 90 minutes. They didn't really spend enough time on the actual AVP elements.

Wich brings me to another point: There were way too few aliens and it could have used a few more preds. They were bother way too few in number for it really to be considered and AVP movie.

Third, why the hell was the movie set in the year 2004? All other AVP media has been set in or around the time of Aliens, the second Alien movie. That fact alone would have made the movie sooooo much better.

Forth, Earth? What the hell? Okay, I get the whole Predators come to earth every so often but still, this isn't a predator movie. It's supposed to be an AVP movie!

Fifth, where the hell was the *beep*ing Predalien!!!

While I don't want to devulge the ending I'm compeled to keep ranting about this movie.... But still, I can't devulge then ending so I'll end here.

So let me recap: Overall this is a good movie that I enjoyed watching. I recomend this movie to anyone who likes sci-fi/horror genres because it had some really great element that deserve a look see. I also semi-recomend it to AVP fans but be warned, don't expect a cult hit, you'll only be dissapointed. Don't let this harsh review fool you, this is a good movie and I will be buying the DVD, but for an AVP film: "Swing and a miss."

© 2004 20th Century Fox

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Special Effects: 9
Sound: 9.5
Cinema - tography: -
Characters: -
Plot: 7.5
Overall: 8.6

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