Rose Red
Written by Ladywriter   
Wednesday, 24 September 2003

Platform: DVD
Genre: Horror
Publisher: Lions Gate Home Entertainment
Wrote by: Stephen King
Released: 2002

"Every house has a story to tell,

This one will kill you."

The master of the macabre teams up with ABC once again to bring us an epic haunted house tale, Rose Red. A ghost story with a twist, Rose Red's real star is the house.

The Rimbauer mansion was dangerous before they were even finished building the house for oil magnate John P. Rimbauer and his new (and much younger) wife Ellen. Three deaths before the couple even moved in, and Rose Red was just getting started. Over the years Rose Red claimed many others. Some died in the house, others just disappeared. Rose Red was particularly fond of the ladies. When actress Diana Petrie vanished after one of Ellen?s January 15th parties in 1946, Rose Red became famous.

Ellen Rimbauer was a superstitious woman and a seance at Rose Red, a few years after her daughters birth in April 1911 (son was born in 1909) changed her life, and Rose Red forever. The medium told Ellen that she would live for as long as she continued to build Rose Red. When Ellen protested claiming, Rose Red was finished, the medium told her it was "finished when SHE says it was finished." Construction began on a new wing the following week. Ellen and her dear friend Sukeena designed many rooms and hallways for Rose Red. Then something happened. Rose Red began to grow on its own. Rooms could change position, hallways could just show up. It was easy for Rose Red to get her victims lost.

Dr. Joyce Reardon, professor of psychology at Beaumont University has studied Rose Red for years and finally has a chance to study the house. Though it's believed Rose Red is a "dead cell", no paranormal activity for years, Joyce is hoping to wake the house up enough to gather significant data to prove her theories of the paranormal. Steven Rimbauer, the last of the Rimbauer line, has given Joyce consent for the two of them to take a party into Rose Red to study the house. Key to Joyce's plan is Annie Wheaton, a young autistic and telekinetic girl. King fans will know that Annie is a breaker.

Joyce also brings with her auto writer Cathy Kramer, the post-cognitive Emery Ross, telepath Nick Hardaway, touch-know psychic Pam Asbury, and pre-cognitive Victor Kandinsky. Annie is accompanied by her older sister.

Annie and Steven do more then just wake Rose Red up a little. The house comes alive and it's hungry! I don't want to say too much, you'll have to find out for yourself if anyone makes it out of Rose Red alive.

Steven King's Rose Red premiered on ABC January 27th last year and ran for three nights. It's out on DVD and has some nice special features including storyboards and the ABC Special "The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer." The Making of Rose Red is spiffy too, we get to hear from Mr. Steven King himself. ^_^


Nancy Travis: Joyce Reardon
Matt Keeslar: Steven Rimbauer
Kimberly J. Brown: Annie Wheaton
David Dukes: Professor Miller
Judith Ivey: Cathy Kramer
Melanie Lynskey: Rachel "Sister" Wheaton
Matt Ross: Emery Waterman
Julian Sands: Nick Hardaway
Kevin Tighe: Victor Kandinsky
Julia Campbell: Ellen Rimbauer
Emily Deschanel: Pam Asbury
Laura Kenny: Kay Waterman
Tsidii Leloka: Sukeena

© 2002 Lions Gate Home Entertainment

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Joyce's office.

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Annie arrives.

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Make her stop!

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Open the doors.

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Special Effects: 10
Sound: 10
Cinema - tography: 10
Characters: 10
Plot: 10
Overall: 10

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