Future Fantasy Chapter 1
Written by BlitzZ   

December 23rd, 2004, 03:47 PM
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Time: 23:58, Present day New York,New York

A SWAT Team member is devasted by a result of a hostage Crisis.

Mike(a member of the SWAT team): Sir, All of the hostages have been executed,but thank god none of us were KIA

Mike: Don't talk that way soldier! Thanks to us five people are dead and those terroists are on the loose

Random SWAT Member: Yessir!

Mike: Now go try to keep the press off the accident or we can say good bye to our jobs.

* Random SWAT Member jogs away as Mike goes over to his Suzuki GSXR 1000 K5 to ride home to his apartment*

As Mike rides home he wrecks his bike, Causing him to black out.
When he comes to he realizes he is no longer in New York, as everything is in a futuristic fantasy world. He sees a dragon soar through the sky as he asks a person where his is and what the date is.

Paladin: You are in the King's Holy City and the year is 40,090

Mike: 40,090!

Paladin: You seem surprised,also what are those strange garments ye be wearing? you dont seem from around here.

Mike: I'm not, Im from earth in 2004!

Paladin: What are you saying? Earth was destroyed in the year 10,000 by the Great Evil.

Mike: The Great Evil?

Paladin: Yes. Let me get us a room at the inn so we can speak.

Mike: Thanks!

December 23rd, 2004, 04:04 PM
Vash: I don't have time for this. I should gladly kill you for asking me this.

Scret Agent#1: *laughs* Yes, maybe you should, but you won't.

Vash: What makes you so sure? *pulls out plasma sword* It won't hurt me much to see you splatter blood all over my clothes.

Secret Agent#1: We are not the ones you need to kill. It's your "father" you need to kill for us. You see, Vash, Xander has kept something from you ever since 22 years ago.

Vash: *lowers defenses* What are you talking about?

S A #1: Remember that disease no one could understand that killed your mother 22 years ago? He has control over that disease. He set it out on your mother, knowing it would drive the rest of you mad. But, he was wrong. You were still too young to control the rage that you now hold inside, ready to burst. So, he took you in and raised you, hoping you would never find out.

Vash: You're telling me this now WHY?

*Secret Agent #2 steps foward, sensing the anger within Vash*

S A #1: Calm down, young one. Many answers will come, but it is not safe to talk here. Come, I have a room in an apartment across town. We will discuss your plans there. I'll see you there in 2 hours.

Vash: How do you know I'll be there?

S A #1: *chuckles* Don't worry, I know.

December 23rd, 2004, 05:42 PM
Joc: Heh is that all you have?

Demon: Ha im just getting started

Joc: is that so?
Joc unsheths his Light sword he cut the demon in half like a knife through butter. He walks back to the town for his reward.

Mayor: O' Thankee for saving us for Jemerta!!

Joc: No problem. now about my reward...

Mayor: Sorry but the nearest bank is in the Capital City.

JOc: Ok ill just ask for my reward there correct?

Mayor: Yes tell them I sent you

Joc walks off to to the Capital city. He evenutally gets there gets is reward and surprising enough he go into the bar for a drink. he is amazed how many people there were.

Bartender: what will you have?

Joc: The simplest beer you got.

Bartender: coming up.

Joc: Thank you

Bartender: fifteen coins please.

Joc: here

Joc hands the bartender the coins and begins to drink his beer. Nothing really strange here it seems kind of normal Joc thought.He began to drink his beer!
Its poisoned!! He thought his head slammed onto the bar and he passed out. He woke up and everything was the same exept he saw a calender saying
Year 40,090.

Joc thought he was derlerious exept he saw glowing weapons.. he still ahd his money and it was still regular currency. He had all of his armor and weapon he had at the "other" bar.... he again order the same thing and it was the same price.

ooc: everyone come to the pub like every role palying we do lol

December 24th, 2004, 11:54 AM
As the two secret agents walked away, a strange, new feeling came over Vash. If what they said was true, then the man that is supposed to be his new father is actually his family's serial killer. Then, he realized he had helped him do such horrible things. He started to have flashbacks of all the killings he did. Now, he didn't see the triumph, but the pain and sorrow. Then, for the first time in a long time, he cried.

Vash: Damn, why? Why is this happening now? Why do they tell me these things now, now that he has so much power?

Vash cries and mourns over his pain for about 15 minutes before coming to his senses.

Vash: *sighs* I need a drink.

He heads to the local pub, ready to drink some of the pain away. When he walks in, everyone quiets down, stares, and says nothing with the presence of Vash. He walks to the counter.

Bartender: Wh-wh-what do you want, sir?

Vash: Strongest thing you have.

Bartender: Right away.

December 24th, 2004, 02:35 PM
(going to regular paragraphs now becuase well interact.)

"Hmm, that guy in the black cape looks suspsious" Joc said
Joc began to walk over to the man.Maybe this man could be dangerous...
but maybe he could be in the same stuation too..he walked up
"Hello sir can i talk to you for second?" Joc asked the hooded man.

December 24th, 2004, 02:42 PM
"Who's to ask?" Vash asked.
"My name is Joc. I cant help but wonder why everyone is staring at you."
"Everyone? Hm, I must be very popular then."
"Something troubles you, huh?"
"Something terrible, but I don't wanna talk about it."

December 28th, 2004, 09:38 AM
"Well ok then... if you wanna' talk ill be over here" Joc repiled.
Joc walked off once again wondering waht the mans problem was.Maybe hes having the same thing happen being sucked into a future world.

December 30th, 2004, 01:34 PM
Vash thinks over his situation for a moment and decides to get it off his shoulders. He might as well give his life story and current predicament to soemone who could probably understand. So, he walks over to where he's sitting.
"Hey, I guess I could tell you what's going on, so be proud you're the first."
The bartender shows up with Vash's Black Bush. "Here you go, sir."
"Must be a real big problem."

January 10th, 2005, 03:31 PM
Hunter sat under the tree looking down the hill towards the pub. He still felt drawn towards the little building, but he chose to first go back over what had gotten him there in the fist place. He thought that there may have been a way to get out of being there. To have avoided being pulled into this...place.

He had been hired by Dr, Michel Donnovin to chase the woman known as Corrina. She was a bit mad; one might say that she was the epitome of a mad bomber. She was unstable mentally from the get go, but the key to her...insanity, was the fact that she had a mastery of chemicals. She was a genius.

Two weeks before, she had broken into the good doctor’s lab, and had stolen the last of his supply of C-4, an explosive from the 20th Century that the King had ordered him to replicate. In her mad dash to escape, sh planted several pockets of the compound an blew most of the laboratory apart.

Thinking of the doctor, Hunter laughed. He knew that people only hired him when they had no choice but to get something done, and stealthily. For many of the jobs he had taken, many people feared him. He was regarded as a simple Mercenary, a Gun-4-Hire. Those that truly knew him, though, knew that he was a kind, and gentle man, who only did what he had to so he could survive.

He had tracked the woman to an abandoned warehouse outside a lesser village, some 50 miles west of the lab. His ‘sense’ told him that she had planted enough explosive to level the building, but he believed that she wouldn’t kill him, for she hadn’t tried to kill the guards at the labs.

That was his mistake, though, thinking that she wouldn’t kill him. She had learned who he was, and knew that she would have to use force to get him away; she would kill him if it were nessicarry. Using the PA system that was in the building she lured him to her, deep within the facility, where she had planted over five pounds of the explosive; enough to level a large town.

His ‘sense’ told him this, but not until it was too late. As she pushed the trigger, she called out to him for forgiveness, and in his heart, he gave it to her.

Time began to slow for Hunter, as he saw a ball of light form in front of the explosive, but instead of feeling his body vaporized by the explosion, he felt tugged in a million different directions at once; then , he felt no more.

He awoke to find himself in a forest, that he thought was the gate to the Land of the Judged. Instead, he found himself at the top of a hill, looking down at a small pub, and he sat beneath the tree, where he now was.

With a laugh, he started down the hill towards the pub, that still called to him. Not knowing what to expect, he pulled the snaps off of his guns, so he could be ready for a fight. He thought that he would have nothing to worry about, but experience told him that it was better safe than sorry.

Upon entering the pub, he felt all eyes turn to train on him, but he felt no real hate, just a hardened curiosity. He approached the bar, and asked the Keep for a stein of Mede, which he paid for with a single gold piece that had, somehow, gotten into his pocket. The eyes that were still on him were becoming annoying, and he wondered if he should just cut them out, but he then realized that it would be doing something that Cornillious the Traitor would have done, and forced his anger away.

Drinking his Mede, he half expected to have someone, a noble perhaps, to approach him with a job offer. Maybe even one of the gruff looking gents at the back table...

January 10th, 2005, 04:53 PM
Vash told his story to Joc, who was quite pleased to have someone with all ears to finally give him the attention he wanted, not the kind of the,"Stare at me and fear me, o pitiful civilians" attention. He recalled everything, from his foster parents telling him of the time when he got here, which Joc found quite similar to his, to when he just found out about Commander Xander's ownage of the disease that killed his mother.
"Wow," said Joc, "With all that crap, u should write an obituary of your childhood nighmares."
"Yeah. Well, I was supposed to meet him in about an hour now at his apartment, but he never told-" Vash was cut short by his cell phone ringing. "Could you excuse me?"
"Yeah, sure." As Vash walked off, Joc got himself aquainted by the strange fellow next to him.
"Hello?" Vash said when he got a safe place to talk.
"Meet me on the fifth floor, room 17, at the Plaza Hotel on the intersection of Oak and 37th Main Street." 37th you ask? Too much war...
"Who are you? How do you know these things?"
"All that will be explained when you arrive. Oh, and by the way, tell nobody where I live. If you do, when you arrive, expect nobody there."
CLICK. He hung up.

January 11th, 2005, 05:24 PM
"what was that thing" Joc had asked.

Hrm, a nosier maker that looks very small and u can hear voices on it. Must be something from his time.Joc thought.He saw Vash leaving and rudely was stalking or sneaking behind him.

January 11th, 2005, 08:34 PM
As Vash was leaving and heading to the man's apartment, he had the strangest feeling he was being watched and, if worse, followed. And Vash remembered, if anyone found out that someone found out where he lived, he would never find out anything.
Oh who are you kidding? Vash thought to himself. You're crazy. Who would dare follow you?
So, Vash continued on his way, never knowing Joc had followed him all the way to the man's apartment. When Vash got to the man at the counter, he said the man was expecting him. "Oh yes, now I remember. He said he was expecting a man named Vash. I had no idea it was you. Go right ahead sir. You know where to go?"
Vash nodded and was on his way.
Joc tried to sneak by, but the bellclerk caught him at the last minute. "And where are you going, sir?"
"Uh, uh, uh...I'm with him."
"Him who?"
"Um, Vash."
"Let me check." The bellclerk tried to get Vash's attention, but he was laready on the elevator to up to the fifth floor.
"Sorry, but unless I have confirmation that you're with him, you'll have to stay here. I'll phone him in about five minutes."
Joc thought otherwise and said,"Aw, never mind. I'll talk to him later." Then, he left the hotel.

January 11th, 2005, 08:57 PM
"damn.. what the hell is up with him? and what the hell is a elevator?!" he mumbled.
Joc wondered if he wonder ever get used to these new things or if he would ever be return to his loved land. he sat on the bench to wait for Vash but he had noticed a woman being mugged. he unshethed his sword and the light from the sword glimered evereywhere. The MUgger and woman ran away...
"Gosh anyone ever seen a sword before?"

January 13th, 2005, 04:44 PM
"So, the fact that the virus has been under his control the whole, called Factor X, was all part of his master genius to get rid of me so long ago?" Vash comprehended.
"Yes, Commander Xander knew what you were capable of when rage struck you. You could become too chaotic to handle. However, you and your dad must've been immune to the virus."
"But, that means eveyone else in that village is..." Vash didn't have to finish. He already knew the answer.
"The last one died 10 years ago. Meanwhile, Xander came up with another plan to bring you into his army, crating a force no one could beat."
"But, he never wanted me to find out he was the one who killed my mother."
"OK, I see. So, you want me to act as your agent, get any classified information I can, and then, if I don't get caught, join your forces."
"You catch on quick. But, and this is in my humble opinion, you should get some help. Some close friends, if you must say."
"Well, I don't have many of those, but I'll see what I can do."
"I'm glad you chose to work for us. This could end the tyranny of Xander forever."
After the meeting, Vash walked outside to find a disgruntled Joc, but no one else for at least 50 meters.

April 16th, 2005, 05:36 PM
A white-cloaked figure sat at the very back of the pub, no drink was upon his table it was completely vacant. The cowl of the cloak was pulled up in such a way that all of the figure's face was inshadowed, however a set of glowing yellow slatted optics could be seen within the darkness. These eyes watched everything that happened in the pub, the arrival of so many strange people perked the interests of all. This man was no exception. Most of his interest was attached to someone familiar, someone not entirely unlike himself. A slight chuckle echoed from under the cowl as the optics began to stare at the one known as: 'The Mercenary' or to a very few, Hunter.

This man, this Hunter was not at all unlike Asushita. Both of them took any job that presented it's self, both of them had troubled pasts, and both of them had reasons to keep going that were their own. Many thoughts ripped through Shiko's mind, a few of them seeming like going to far, some not far enough. Eventually he decided on a moderate course of action.

With his ideas set straight the pure with cloak rustled slightly as it's owner stood and advanced towards Hunter. The clank of the very strange boots seemed different from any other sound, the unique material having a ring all it's own. The paces were even, not hurried at all, nor were they hindered by the extreme weight of the items carried. The protuberance of a sword hanging horizontally behind the cloaked man seemed odd, it lifted the bottom hem of the cloak up just enough so that the boots could be seen by everyone. This glimpse of the man was a silent warning to everyone who knew what those boots were.

"...Your name is..Hunter correct? Hunter, The Apprentice to Cornillious the Traitor, am I right?"

The voice was weathered, cracked, but strong. It seemed to be the perfect description of its owner; it seemed to radiate the hardships that had been suffered in the past.

April 19th, 2005, 12:59 PM
Hunter turned to the one that had addressed him. It wasn't the fact that the man knew who HE was, but the fact that he knew Cornillious.

"I am NOT that monsters apprentice. I am the one that is hunting for him." Despite the rise in his temper, Hunter held his voice, because his 'sense' could tell that the man before him was no ordinary human.

"Are you one of the men that Cornillious captured for his...tests?"

The sudden flash in the strangers eyes told him that he had guessed right,

"It would seem to me, friend, that we have a lot to discuss..."

April 19th, 2005, 02:58 PM
"lord all mighty.. these people are nuts!!! They've never seen a sword!"Joc contunilly mumbled. VASh snuck up and poke Joc. (Joc does that omg!!! face)

"what are u doing here Joc" Vash questioned.
"UHhhhh no reason.."he laughed,"so uhh what was That about?!"

ok this serously needs soem action after being dormant for so long

April 22nd, 2005, 01:29 AM
"...Indeed....may I entreat you to a drink, one me ofcourse." With that the two headed back to the table that Asushita had been resting at. Hunter taking his mede with him as the two walked next to eachother. "....So...is it that apparent what I am..?" The white-cloaked individual asked with a bit of curisity. As the two sat down the cowl of the cloak faultered a bit, giving Hunter a clean view of Shiko's face for a brief moment. "Enough with the pleasentries....do you know where Cornillius is at the moment?"

April 22nd, 2005, 01:56 AM
"Trust me...You aren't the only person that is looking for him. I was on my travels with the intention of finding and killing him; an agenda that I believe that we share."
Hunter took a drink of his Mede, and paused to mentally review what he'd seen. He had heard rumors of the things Cornillious had been doing, but to actually see one of his subjects...Hunter simply cringed.
"So...you were one of the few that survived. I hope that it isn't too much to ask, but...what happened? I heard stories, but to know that someone lived is too much..."
Hunter ordered another round.
"I figure that this is to be a fair long story, and it's good to keep the pipes wet when talking at length...But before you start, since you know me, who am I addressing?
Hunter then sat back, and prepared either to brawl, for asking of his new friend's past, or a long story...

April 22nd, 2005, 02:23 AM
"Heh.. You’re very bold for asking me so blatantly about such a subject...but I like that kind of bluntness...my name is Asushita Shiko...it means Death Child...very fitting as I see."

Asushita trailed off for a moment before closing his eyes and swallowing hard. His eyes remained closed as he spoke as if he was playing the memories over through his mind.

"...He made a raid on my village when I was very young...Me slew my family in front of me and when I picked up my father's sword he cut my right arm off. He then picked me up by my throat and called to his lackeys, 'We have what we came for!' and with that the carried me off.. I was barely conscious. One of the lackeys picked up my father's sword as a souvenir. He gave me to his scientists to experiment on.. I was actually the first of their experiments.. Heh.. I guess that they took the liberty to push their technologies to the limits oh me as a prototype.. I remember very little while they were working on me.. Just allot of pain.. And Cornillius testing my abilities by fighting me...he fought to kill...I died many times.. And those 'geniuses' brought me back...they'd also replace body parts lost...Finally they finished me...but they didn't make me stronger than Cornillius...they made me just weak enough for him to beat me...my endurance is less than his by design...However I believe I've rectified that. They ran me on missions for them, I killed many warriors...finally I got my chance to run and took it. I was found bathed in the blood of Cornillius' men...I was soon made a Paladin...as I see it...it's a sick joke. From the things I've seen.. The things I know.. And yet I'm a Holly Warrior by definition.."

At that Shiko burst out in rather insane laughter, however it quickly died down.

"Excuse me for that... Heh.... outburst... So.... what's your story..?"

April 22nd, 2005, 11:45 AM
Hunter sank in his chair a bit, after hearing Shiko's story. It was familiar to him, though, because it was only days after Shiko's escape, that Hunter turned him into the King for treason. He then took his Mede in hand, and drained it in a single draught, preparing for his story.

"Heh...sure; it's only fair...

"I come the eastern bank of the Otholumus river...the town of Drell, to be exact. I was raised by a foster family, since mine was killd in the Great War. My father was a great man, stern, but great. My mother was fair, and delicate, like I was soon to find out. We were having a celebration in honor of my brother becoming a Paladin Knight-First Class, so there were many people, several that I didn't know, also. I went into the house, and found him there, just sitting in my fathers chair. He intoduced himself as Cornillious; I knew him only by the stories that were brought back by my brother. The man was fabled to be a feirce warrior, who easily gained the confidence of the men that served him.

"He began to speak to me of what my old life would've been, had my parents lived; he said that they were nobles...I didn't care, though, because I loved the family I had, so I told him such. Afterwards, he laughed, and said that one day I would come to him, seeking the training that he could give me. I didn't realise that I would find his prophocy true within the night. It seemed that two-thirds of the party goers had partaken of some bad bread, and many died of the poison...my family included; I learned later that it was his doing. I went seeking Cornillious the next day, after informing the magistrate of the incident. He quickly took me in, and began my training.

"I seemed to progress rapidly, but I learned that the mainstay of my prowess, was this...'sense' that I had; it allowed me to see my opponedt, be they infront of me, or yards away with a bow...I guess it was part of my family history...But Cornillious had other plans for me.

"My training intensified, to see how many me it took for my 'sense' to black out and give me no warning of impending attacks...It seemed that 5 men were my limit."

Hunter paused, ordered a third drink, and drained it by half before continuing.

"I then was taught the art of every weapon that he had at his disposal...The swords I carry were a gift from him after I 'graduated'...I still think it was my prize for surviving. The gun though," Hunter points to the barrel and scope on his left leg, and then to the stock on his right."was a trade I learned after I turned him in to the King, and became a Rouge Knight. The pistols, were a gift from the King himself, for bringing in Baltazar the Dead-Shot.

"But those are stories for another time. I suppose you wish to know why I turned in Cornillious." The look in Shiko's eyes to lhim he's better, before he got any more annoyed by his longwinded-ness.

"I learned, not long after I was informed I was to be made a Paladin under Cornillious, that he was both doing the experiments, and that he had been selling information to our enemies. That was the reason I declined to be a Paladin; I felt that all my traing was a lie. One day, I hope that one of us brings the bastards head in to the King, but not until both of us get our revenge..."

Finishing his story, Hunter put a few more gold peices he found on the floor on the table for his drinks, and rose to leave.

"May both of us hand Him what he has coming..."

He then smiled at Shiko, nodded his goodbye, and headed for the door.

April 22nd, 2005, 06:39 PM
Joc awoke to some random street person pokin him with a stick.


"Umm may ask what u are doing?" joc questioned to stranger.
The stranger face turn white as snow and they passed out.
"Vash?"joc yelled"VASH!!!? Must have gone to the pub. joc ran toward the pub and waited outside on the bench and sat there waiting ethier him or some random person to walk out whom he could could scare.

April 22nd, 2005, 07:04 PM
"You're not getting out of here so easily Hunter.. I may be after the same man as you.. But I will not tolerate you getting him first.. So I think I should ensure that wont happen."

Shiko smirked a bit as he stood, slowly advancing towards Hunter, the clank of his boots steady and hollow. His eyes seemed go glint with eagerness as he closed in. He moved a hand from the long sleeves of the cloak and undid the golden clasp around his neck, letting it drop to the floor, revealing his body to everyone in the tavern, the women screamed and ran for the door, the men were not far behind.

"I wonder what your blood will taste like.. I bet it'll taste delicious.... and the fact that, by devouring your body, I will inherit your 'sense'!"

Asushita let out a maniacal laugh as he hastened his pace towards Hunter, a hand setting on the hilt of his sword, the talisman that hung from it seemed to glint as eagerly as Shiko's eyes. As he got close enough he used his free hand to deftly unsnap the leather restraints that bound his sword. The black blade seemed to cut through the air in a blur as Shiko sliced towards Hunter's stomach.

"I will be the only one allowed to bring about my revenge on that slime!"

Shiko's ears were fully outstretched and twitching to catch any sound that Hunter may admit, the stretching of sinuses within his body, the shifting of his weight on the wooden floor boards, anything to predict movement.

April 23rd, 2005, 01:52 AM
Using his training, Hunter limboed, avoiding the blade by mere millimeters. He drew his own swords, intending to fight for his life.
Hunter's anger flared, bringing forth the deeper talents that his 'sense' created.
Since his traning, his ability would flare, giving him an edge on battle; now, it was this talent that would only make him equal to his enemy.
He began to strike simply as he would another man. It then hit him that he was fighting no other man, but one of Cornillious' Demons. His 'sense' told him that the creature before him had cat's ears: the most sensitive part of a cat. He purposly dropped a sword, simultaniously drawing a pistol and took aim at Shiko's ear, hoping to simply get his attention, so that they may talk; Hunter knew that in this odd place, he may need an ally, even one so dangerous as Asushita Shiko.
He took his shot, and parted Shiko's hair.

April 23rd, 2005, 02:45 AM
Shiko stoped moving, staring at Hunter a bit, a sly smile crossing over his face.

"..You're proved your point Rouge Knight..I will set value to you...once I regain my ability to stand.."

With that Shiko promptly fell to on his ass, his ears were twitching and hsi eyes seemed a bit unfocused. Aparently the ears were, indeed the most sensitive part of his body, thus keeping him from remaining balanced. After a few moments his body adapted and he stood, despite the sevarity of the disorientation he'd just suffered, he seemed fine after a moments rest.

April 23rd, 2005, 11:28 AM
Joc heard yelling,the swhoosh of baldes so he kicked the pub door down. he saw what he thought was a demon and a man.

"Whats goin on here?" joc asked.
no one answered him. everyone was foucsed on the battle at hand. So joc found a seat and sat to watch the battle slighty wishing he could battle.After all its what he did.

April 23rd, 2005, 11:35 AM
Mike stands in the shadows in the bar and watching the fight at hand. " Why do they battle? Do they have no common enemy? Why must they resort themselves to fighting?" Mike askes himself.

Mike then casts an ice shard in his hand and begins to toss it around in boredom." So know that I'm in another world, I probably have to do something and then I'll probably go back home. I have a strange feeling it will involve those people who were fighting."

Mike then walks up to Joc and Hunter, beginning a conversation
OOC: (Thin k up something to talk about, I'm fresh out of conversation ideas.

April 23rd, 2005, 07:36 PM
"this is pretty chaotic!!" said Joc "we need to break this up beofre anyone gets hurt or we get outta here. ethier way where gonna get attacked."
"Yeah good plan" Mike said.

April 24th, 2005, 01:52 AM
Hunter overheard Joc and Mike. Without taking his eyes from Shiko he said, " There is nothing to break up. We are finished."
He then sharpened his gaze, to show Shiko that he was speaking to him.
"Shiko, I don't yet understand what you mean by 'set value' to me, since I have my own self value, but I will tell you this: Apprehending Cornillious is not going to be a one man job; there are others such as yourself. Whether or not you chose to accompany me, or go out for yourself is your choice, but I will make you this vow: On my name, Hunter Maxwell Savrem, that I will not kill Cornillious the Traitor without you by my side. If I do such, or allow another man to kill him before us, I will give you my life to do with as you please.
"I also wish to say, that I did not mean to disrespect you by calling you a Demon, it is only, after hearing people call those that Cornillious...enhanced...such, that the word tends to stick. I offer you my sincerest apologies."
Hunter sheathed his sword, holstered his pistol, and grabbed and sheathed the sword he dropped in the fight. He then looked at Shiko, a grin lighting his features.
"So, will you join me on my journey?"

(OCC: I know that "Savrem" is from Trigun, but I needed a name and it was the first to come to me. I thought that is fit, though...;) )

April 24th, 2005, 04:31 PM
"Hehe... Hehehe.... Yes.. I see our paths becomeing one at this point in my story...but know this Hunter; I am a Demon, and just because I'm out to get Cornilius doesn't mean that I wont be trying to devour anyone who crosses my path who has somthing I want. Like you, I want this sense of your's... I will have it."

With that rather morbid conclusion Shiko reattached the leather straps that restrained his sword, then walked over and plucked his Paladin cloak from the floor and wraped it around him, allowing the cowl to remain down this time.

"..I underestimated you Hunter.. Next time we fight I wont hold back as much..."

A disgustingly evil grin swept over Shiko's face as he walked out of the Tavern, but waited outside of his new companion.

April 24th, 2005, 07:39 PM
Hunter grimiced at the fact that Shiko had been holding back...It was time again to train. He did have to laugh at his new companion, though...If the Demon wanted his 'sense' so badly, all he need do is ask, and Hunter could imbue him with it.
His 'sense' was carried in the blood, not his spirit, as many once thought. He had given of his ability once before, to a fellow Mercenary who had been blinded by a flame-spell. The ability gave the man a way to see again, but his mind was lacking in will enough to control the power, and it drove him to his death.
Hunter thought to himeslf, "We will fight again, Demon...but it will be at a time of my choice, and I will decide the victor. By then, it may well be my time, but we shall see..."
Hunter then adjusted his hat, and began to head for the door. On his way out, he turned to Joc and Mike.
"I do not reccomend that you were to follow us. Shiko may very well devour you, soul and all..."
With that, he exited the Pub to meet Shiko, and start on his journey...

April 25th, 2005, 03:04 PM
"well i dont know about him, but im itchhing to kill something!!!"Joc laughed slightly,"so can i tag along? i wont get into to too much trouble abd you might need help."

April 26th, 2005, 01:44 AM
Hunter turned fom the door, and glared menicingly at Joc.
"As for help, what I need, is for you to stay out of my way. The man I am about to travel with is no more sane then Cornillious. And as for being in my way," Hunter looked at Joc, top to bottom. "...you are already in the way."
With his peace said, Hunter began to turn away, and then, turned back.
"Follow us, and I will allow the Demon, Shiko, to devour you. I already told you, first your body, then your soul. BOTH will belong to him...Is that how you wish to die?!"
Hunter's temper flared, goaded on by the last of the fire left in his viens.
"I am one of the greatest fighters in my world, and I had to dig to beat him! He even hails from my world, and this was the first that I even heard of him! And if you wish to kill something so bad," Hunter grabbed a bowl of nuts from off the bar, and shoved it into Joc's hands, forcing him to take it. "Then kill this!"
He then turned and stormed outside to meet with Shiko.

April 26th, 2005, 03:11 PM
"WHAT THE HELL?!"Joc screamed outside the door,"all i was trying to do was to help damn it!! You might get outnumbered! your not a one man army! think realisticly.20 demons on one man.You'd be killed. and besides i have a weapon that could kill anything beside this (whoa)in bowl of nuts!"
Joc unsheathed his sword."you think im not tough we'll ill prove you wrong!"
he charged at Hunter with the Light Sword point right toward him (hunter).

April 26th, 2005, 08:48 PM
Hunter kicked the door back in at Joc, lodging his sword in the door. While he was trying to get it free, Hunter drew both of his swords. Using the flat of one, he smacked Joc's hands away from his sword; the other was put to his throat.
"I was not trying to start anything with you, Joc. I said noting to undermine your strength; I simply ment that Mike was trying to get around you to talk, and you were in his path.
"As for being out numbered, it isn't possible. I have a bloodline ability that allows me to know how many people are in a 1/2 mile radius of me, as well as those that are coming for me. And your weapon isn't ment for stabbing, hence why it was stopped by the door.
"And no, I am not a one man army; however, between the skills that I hold, and the ones at the disposal of Shiko, we can take on as many as we need to. I'm trying to get you to take your own path; because as I said, if you interfere, that man over there will devour you for your weapons and your skills. I wish not to be a part of such a development.
"Take your own path and discover why this place called you here."
With that, Hunter dropped from his stance, and sheathed his weapons. Turning to go, he called to Joc over his shoulder.
"And take heed, there is a man in that tavern that has been watching you rather adamently. I'd see what his problem is."
Hunter then turned and met with Shiko.
"So, then...Where are we going? I don't yet have a good feel for this place."

April 28th, 2005, 04:14 PM
"ARGH!!!!!!!My Sword!!!!!"Joc yelled,"you get your *** back here!!!"
"dont bother, he isnt intrested in you"The man that hunter pointed out said,"I'd like that sword please." The man unsheathed 2 long poison tipped daggers."These are deadly i suggest you hand your sword over or i will kill you!"
"over my dead body!!" Joc said back
"if you insist."

the man lunged toward Joc. Joc quicky used his strength and pulled the sword out of the wall and spun away out of the door.The man missed by inches.Joc stadied his sword for action. He swung at the man. the man did a bridge and swung right back up.
The locked weapons
"heh your no match or have you even shown your power? your not really acting like yourself! I know who you are!!"The man laughed" Your Joc' The Light From the old books!!"
"books?!" Joc asked." Hpmh no matter. what is your name before i kill you?"
"Seyli."He said.
What? i killed you before i came here! Joc thought.
"i killed you once ill kill you again!!"Joc yelled"Light dash!!!!!!"
"What?!"Seyli screamed"NO!!!!" Seyli coughed up blood and collasped right in front of the bar.Sliced in 2.Joc sheathed his blade.

" I am going after hunter"Joc said with a blood thristy glare"Weither he likes it or not"

April 30th, 2005, 10:11 PM
Just as Joc was about to go after Hunter, Vash came running in. He could hear the commotion from a mile away, and didn't know if anyone had gotten hurt. He passed to gentlemen making their way out of the pub.

"Excuse me guys, I have a brawl to end," he said as he passed.

He then stormed into the bar and pulled out the double katanas and lunged them at the Joc and Mike, catching the ruffles of their clothes and lunging them to the wall, pinning them.

"There will be no fights in this pub. I can have you two arrested, but you're lucy I'm not in the mood." He then turned to Mike. "Who are you and what happened here?"

May 1st, 2005, 10:10 AM
(occ: its me and mike trying to go after hunter but this will work)

"let us go we're not fighting!"Joc said to Vash" We're going after hunter who after some g uys and hunter think he can handle it by himself lemmmme go!!!"
Joc strugged but Vash wouldnt budge.Vash didnt buy Joc's story.

May 5th, 2005, 07:57 PM
Hunter watched as Vash ran past him, the look in Vash's eye's flaring at the prospect of a fight. Hunter also smirked at the fact that the real fight was over, and he was about to trap the wrong guy.
"Shiko, I know that you have about as much knowledge about this place as I do, but--" Hunter cut off hearing Joc try to convince Vash to let him and Mike go. For whatever reason, the situatiuon struck him as funny, and he bagan to laugh. The image of Joc, who was about the same size as Vash, being pinned down, just caught him as funny, because he knew full well that Joc could prob'ly beat Vash in a one on one fight.
Looking at Shiko's stoney face, Hunter caught his composure rather quickly.
With a sullen expression, Hunter looked at Shiko and said, "Well, since you are no fun, let's just head west...Maybe we'll find a clue leading to Cornillious..." and began walking towards the now setting sun, hoping he wasn't about to be jumped by his companion...

May 6th, 2005, 01:53 AM
"...Hunter...we really ought to look in the places that are least safe..that means our first stop should be the cemetary to the South.."

Shiko's voice trailed off as he stoped walking, stareing intently at the shadows that had begun to overtake the town. The pupils of his eyes began to expand, adjusting to the encroching darkness.

"...The demons of humanity....only show in the darkness when all hope can be lost..."

May 6th, 2005, 03:20 PM
Hunter stopped in his tracks, realising that Shiko did have a nice side. He then thought to himself, "Shit...I ought to be more nice. There's a bit more to this guy than meets the eye..." He then turned to Shiko.
"South, huh? Sounds good, but how do you know..." Hunter trailed off, realizing how stupid he was about to sound. "You idiot," he thought. "Of course he knows. His physical senses are as strong as your inner ones!"
"Nevermind that comment. But what do you mean about the one you just said?"
(OCC: Your finishing comment...)
Shiko grinned evilly, like he expected Hunter to figure it out. There was something in his eyes, though, that spoke volumes about what they were about to encounter. "Their's something in that graveyard that's, for lack of a better word,alive...Isn't there?"

May 6th, 2005, 03:38 PM
"..Alive...no, it is indeed a place of the dead..but that is what makes it such a dangerous place. There are things in this world that shouldn't exsist but they do...there are people in this world that should die, but keep on tormenting the living..if you're not ready to face things that you fear beyond anything else, do not go to that graveyard."

With that Shiko smiled, awaiting for Hunter to react to these cryptic words.

May 6th, 2005, 05:11 PM
"Things that should not exist...tormenting the living...The Undead. That though, is too broad...vampires, zombies, true demons...if that about covers it, I'll take them on."
Hunter grinned at Shiko.
"I fought the plague of Undead, that ravaged the city of Centime back home. They give me no fear, but they do, however irritate me. So f-ing persistant..."
Hunter began to follow Shiko to the south, headed towards the cemetary.
"I'll fight anything that challenges me, living or otherwise, if I think it will be worth my time..."

May 6th, 2005, 06:30 PM
"god damn!!"Joc yelled.He unsheathed his sword nad put it aginst vashs neck."you let me go, or i kill oyu then ill go damnit"
Vash lets his knives off.Joc ran and followed hunters tracks.
"that idiot probly doesn't relised how badly he'll get betrayed!!"joc said to himself.he began to sprint. for another mile. he then stopped and made a fire..and then he kept going till he heard someone say graveyard.he followed that voice ot watch hunter and Shiko fighting undead.
"this is a way for him to really prove if they trsut each other nad they are strong.Joc sat down and watched them.

May 16th, 2005, 01:17 AM
"Hahaha...HAHAHAHAHA!!! Do not dismiss challenges in such a light hearted manner...there are things in this world that should not exsist yet presist to be...What we seek in that cemetary...is beyond description..you must see."

Shiko stoped walking and stared at the Merc infront of him.

"..Moreover..you say 'real demon' as though you don't agknowlage me as a true demon...you need to realize little Hunter, the most dangerous monsters are those who can pass as normal...I will be the one to kill you and absorb all of your abilities..I will eat your soul."

May 16th, 2005, 06:09 AM
"If your intentions of travelling with me are simply for the gain of my abilities, that I can give you, without my death, my soul however..." Hunter grinned, an odd light flashing behind his eyes. "You cannot gain, be I living or dead."
"I know that you are a true demon, but dimissing you lightly is what I do for your breed. You see, my dear Shiko...I am from blessed kin. I'm half Divine, but my mother's blood. When I die, no matter how I die, my soul will be passed directly to my next incarnation. I have too many duties to fufill, and one life will not be enough. I am fighting to purify my soul, so I can gain enterence to the Blessed Land.
"As I said before, if it is my talent that you want...here."
Hunter then drew his sword, and slit his right palm.
"Give me your hand."
Without waiting, he took Shiko's right and drew the blade acrossed it. Shiko attempted to pull away, but there was a glow surrounding Hunter that Shiko couldn't break free of.
Hunter locked palms with Shiko, and recited an incantation/prayer...The light grew into a blazing aura that blanketed them both for almost thirty seconds, at its diminishing, both warriors were on their knees.
"May the pain of this power infusing your mind, body and spirit, grand to knowledge of why I have no fear of you, Demon..."

May 17th, 2005, 01:01 AM
Shiko let out an anguished howl at the sudden entry of devine blood into him. After the ritual finished he fell from his knees to writhe on the ground, still howling and screaming in pain and frustration.

"ARGH! W-What did you do to me?! You Bastard, I'll kill you!!"

The poor creature continued to rage as he gripped his right hand tightly.

May 17th, 2005, 01:33 AM
Hunter sat down near the writhing Shiko. "As I told you, you are gaining the control of my ability...You will be given the knowledge of my fearless-ness, my past and my hate...you'll gain the reasons for my love of others, and my loathing of those that cause pain...You are also being partially blessed; that hate you feel towards me now, will only be equalled by the reasons on why you WON'T kill me.Why? Listen why.
"If you kill me...you will die in the most agonizing way even known. First, your protruding limbs will slowly die, becoming gangrenous; they will then fall off. Then, your organs will slowly shut down, one by one, until you're basting in your own poisons. Then, after three months of the most wretched pain you have ever experienced you will be cast into Omterro--Purgatory, in the old tongue. Your soul will live through your dying pain for eternity...
"When I die...you'll keep the power you've been granted. But only if I die by the hand of the man I hunt...Any other hand will be stopped by mine."
Hunter began to build a fire, so he could cook dinner.
"The pain will pass within the hour; you'll need to eat by the time it's gone. I know this because you aren't screaming. The effort needed to do that will bring your appitite: He then set out a bed roll. "I see you don't have one of your own...I'll keep watch tonight, you'll need extra sleep, too."
Hunter smiled as he thought to himself. "This man is powerful...I will have a good allie in him, especilly if even a 1/10th of the divinity takes hold. He also should be able to smell a lie, so he knows that I wasn't kidding..."
He then made a whole in the center of the fire, and unearthed a large stone. Using it for a grill, he set three steaks that had had...obtained...from a wagon they passed on the road. One for himself, two for the pained demon to his right.

May 17th, 2005, 03:24 PM
Whoa... he stabbed him..kinda a nuthouse for being a "divine creature.."Joc thought.
ill go into the woods so they dont know im here.joc wanders into the woods. he notices something coming for him.he thinks it a small demon. it approched him he then noticed that it was larger than he thought.larger than him.
"this will be easy.Ill kill it with my sword!!"Joc unsheathed his sword. the blade wasnt shining."Whats going on? is there a darker force nearby by-.....WHOA!!!!"
the demon raised him in the air above the shoulders."heh heh human.you cant attack me from here!!!"the demon chucked Joc across the foest thankfully not hitting any trees.joc then rushed the demon.the demon pulled out a sword that was small for it. they locked swords.
"Where do you belong demon?!Are you that dark that you block the aura of my sword?!"Joc asked.
"Heh i guess but your on my land that why i attacked you!"The demon jumped back and lunged his sowrd at joc
"heros victory!!"he yelled as the blade seared towards him. he did a back bridge as the tiwn blade did. he dodge all but a blow to the leg.
"SHIT!!"Joc yelled in pain."HELP!!!"

May 17th, 2005, 06:48 PM
Hunter heard Joc's cry for help. Looking over and still seeing Shiko subdued by pain, he went to go help. He immediatly sensed the demon that inhabited the woods, where the call originated at. Knowing that it was powerful, Hunter decided that it may be in the better interest of two of the three parties to jump streight to full power.
"If this place has a small Mana supply, this is gonna hurt..."
He began to call the depths of his power, and knew instantly that this place was in no way lacking in Mana; quite the opposite, it was overflowing with it. As his power too hold the greatest sign of his bloodright came shining through: His Mana wings.(OOC: kinda like this http://img275.echo.cx/img275/3190/lloydangel3mq.jpg)
Drawing both blades, they instantly infused themselves with Mana, and their light illuminated the entire area, showing him instantly where Joc was.
"Hold on, Joc!!!"
Hunter took to the air, and after a short climb, dove at the demon, both blades crossed in front of him.
"HALO BLADE!!!" Hunter hit the demon at peak speed, and tore both blades outward and diagonally through it, dispelling its form. He quickly sheathed his weapons and grabbed Joc by the arm.
"This is his domain! His dark power cannot be stopped at night! You're coming with me!"
He again took to the air, dragging the hapless Joc along for the ride.
"What the hell are you doing, I could've taken him with my Light Blade as he reformed!" yelled Joc. "Not to mention you're going to dislocate my shoulder, bastard!"
Hunter decended, right by his campsite.
"No, you couldn't have. Not at night, kill him tomorrow if you wish, when he is not immortal." Hunters wings evaporated, leaving a light glow of diminshing Mana behind him. He then fell to his face.
"Ugh...I guess my body wasn't ready for the strain. Joc...Leave Shiko alone, and do not talk to him unless he talks to you first; if he decides to kill you, I cannot stop him. I have a few more food stuffs in my pack, if you wish to eat something..."
He mumbled something unintelligable, and fell asleep, leaving Shiko to his pain, and Joc to his wounds...

May 17th, 2005, 08:13 PM
"......"Joc was silent until he decided to take a wlk around after being nearly crushed and fixed his wounds.He then unsheathed his sword and wondered why it still wouldnt glow.
"We're to far away from the demon for it to affect my sword so why... why does it still become dim?" he asked to the other men." it like leading me away from where i should be. Maybe im supposed to go where it turns dark and kill it...maybe its my destiny?is that why i am here? are we all here here togther or for different things?Hunter oyur the divine one. you should know. dont you?"

May 17th, 2005, 09:01 PM
Mumbling in his sleep, Joc could only make out "...darkness leads...*mumble*...destiny..."
He then turned over and began to snore softly...

May 18th, 2005, 03:07 PM
"hmm? i smell them i must kill!!"The demon said"they cannot kill me now!!"
back at the campsite...
"That was real help... oh well.." joc said to himself.THe eart began to shake*CLOMP CLOMP CLOMP!*
"oh shit hes back and its still night!!"Joc said."Everyone wake up damnit!"

May 22nd, 2005, 05:31 PM
Meanwhile, back at the bar, Vash was getting himself acquainted to Mike, who seemed to be the only sane one out of all the new people he met today. After he finished telling him the story of his life and what happened today, Mike shared his.
How similar his sounds to how I got here, Vash thought, and yet so different. Why are we here? Who brought us? What's the purpose? THousands of questions with no answers raced through his mind. It nearly gave him a migrane.

"Huh, what was that?" Mike asked.


August 7th, 2005, 05:11 AM
Hunter was having a very vivid(albeit cryptic)dream. He could see what was hapening to Joc, and saw that Shiko was beginning to gain way against the pain ravaging his body. Hunter knew that he would soon be forced into a deep sleep, where his body would finish assimilating the abilities it had been granted.
His worry was left to Joc, though, because the poor guy could hear the demon comng back towards the camp. Hunter wished that there was some way for him to regain his feet, but his body was so tired...
He fought the embrace of deep sleep so he could project his mind out towards the demon. He found it immediately, and dove into its mind, in the attempt to reson with it. The beast fought, but even in his weakened state Hunters mind was stronger. He found that the creature was simply acting on a territorial instinct, nothing more, and began to try to find a nighttime weakness in the creature to give Joc an edge.
Digging fast, Hunter found that the creature was profoundly attached to Buttercups. After further digging, it was the will of the Powers that created the Buttercups that they have a nightly guardian so that the great fields wouldn't be ravaged by man.
Pulling back to the campsite, Hunter reached out to Joc's inner eye, in a hope that he would hear his thoughts.
"Joc, write the word 'Buttercup' in the dirt in front of you and then put these symbols(they quickly flashed through Joc's mind) around it! It will ignore us from then on!"
Hunter's exausted body pulled him back, and he was taken to a state of deeper sleep before he could even be sure that Joc had heard him...

(OOC: I know that some of the members are currently busy or gone, but I think that we can manage without them for now...)