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August 5th, 2005, 12:23 AM
Women and men are lined up infront of a ditch all facing the same way. Tears run and children scream. A firing squad sets up from 20 yards composed of men in TAFF uniforms with ESG patches on their left arm. A child in the distance peers behind a soldier in tears, whimpering for his mother.

Officer: Ready men… FIRE!

Bodies fall into their mass grave, bloody mist fills the surrounding air of the line.

Little Child: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!—

Rob wakes up from his dream sitting in the cockpit of the X. The bleeping of the computer sounds off, the monitor shows a HALT battlecruiser in blue wire frame. CHARLEMAGNE appears in text above the image. The docking bay of the Malice opens as the X drifts out smoothly and activates full thrusters.

Rob: Right on schedule… *cold look on face* Ixion prepare for my quick return and escape.

The Charlemagne is finished conducting drills and all suits are reporting back to their respective hangar bays. Unsuspecting, unready, they dock and the pilots exit each of their suits. As the atmospheric shield beings to charge up one last suit slips into the cargo bay… one that doesn’t belong. The unfamiliar of thruster sound cause repair crews and pilots to turn there head to see what was going on. Joking and smiling men’s eyes become wide and their demeanor change immediately.

Repair man: THE X!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ATTACK... ATTACK IT!!

Within the X, 25 crosshairs appear on its screen targeting stationary unmanned MSU. Swarmer missiles pour out of the X, hitting every target with ease, damaging every defenseless unit. Support structures give in as other MSU fall from there storage dock onto the floor. Pilots scramble back to their suits to attack. Suits that have not yet docked begin an assault. The X strafes along the ground while keeping vertical stance as if sliding on ice. While accurately firing at each suit taking them out like pigs to the slaughter, larger numbers begin to attack. Rob activates the cloud vents and within seconds a deep white haze fills the surrounding area, repair crews caught in the cloud are burned alive. Their screams echo through the hangar.

(on the bridge)

Officer: Commander there seems to be a disturbance in MSU bay C, We cannot get verbal communication with anyone.

Commander: Give me visuals.

All that can be seen are ravaged suits that lay on the ground and a cloud can be seen in the mist of the the bay with red flashes flickering through it. The X burst out one side unleashing another salvo of swarmers into the cloud which then erupts into a ball of fire.

Commander: What the hell?... son of a bitch! Contact HQ! Do something, send reinforcements!

Officer: Impossible sir! They are in a hangar the only forces available are the ones in the bay, sending more units from other bays just make them venerable to a trap. Its not feasible!

More suits attack the X as it exited the cloud, The hyper staff activates decapitating one MSU and slicing another one cleanly in half at the mid section. Another tries to lung at the X from behind but hits nothing. The HALT unit turns around only to see the X floating upside down face to face.

HALT pilot: im… impossible… AHHHHHHHHH!!

The X fires its bruiser cannons into the cockpit, sets its feet back to the ground and beings massacring more helpless MSU lined up against the wall with its hyper chain guns. 3 more suits that pilots manage to get to, start another assault on the X at full throttle. The X grabs a half damaged suit still docked on the wall by the arms and slings it like a rag doll at the charging MSUs. 2 Collide with the mock projectile throwing them back, while the remaining attacker receives a deep torso wound from the X’s double edge, slicing the pilot in two from his right shoulder to his left knee. Rob plugs the bay entrances with ionic missiles causing more instability to the bay’s structural integrity.

(Back on the bridge)

Commander: Close the hanger doors do not let that suit escape!

Turret defenses finally activate within the Hangar bay, they hit with precision but are only blocked by the reddish orb that surrounds the X. seeing that the doors are resealing the X pulls out its PDC and fires 3 shots into the door creating a large opening and jamming one door open causing depressurization to occur in the hangar. The X blasts out of the battlecruiser followed by bodies and debris only to meet a ruckus of turret fire.

Rob: Ixion, (Malice’s AI computer) ready the Malice for full speed escape, my hypersheild will not stay up long enough periods to survive the Charlemagne’s assault.

Ixion: Cargo bay open, ready to dock.

The Malice cloaked, can be seen in a projected green wire frame image on the X’s screens. The X glides into its ship and disappears from the Charlemagne’s sensors.

Officer: Sir, the X has disappeared, starting cloak scans… we will get that bastard!

Commander: Don’t bother… he’s already gone. Dammit… we’ll have to answer to Durb about this.

Tactical: Sir.. Hangar C damage report. 63 suits damaged beyond repair, we lost 20 pilots along with 14 repair crews and their equipment.

Commander: that’s over 50 men *pounds fist into console*… hangar C! He knew exactly where to hit us!! Damn him! Damn him to hell! How did he get in so easily?! I want answers now!

(2 officers whisper to each other)

Officer 1: What is important about hangar C?

Officer 2: Its where the majority of the ace pilots and higher end MSU are kept.

(aboard the Dreadnaught)

Durb knocks his coffee mug off his table

Durb: TWENTY ACE PILOTS DEAD?! That foolish commander, I will have his job for this! ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!

August 5th, 2005, 04:57 AM
"Yeah, that's what they say."

Isaiah whistled. "One guy, huh. Pretty impressive."

Ben shrugged. "Not really; they were caught off guard."

"How'd he get away?"
"They say it was some kind of special defense, but nobody knows specifics."

Isaiah seemed to contemplate this for a while. Then, taking a last sip of his drink, he stood up from the table. "Ah well. Let him see what happens if he tries that on the Clement." With that he walked away and out of the officers' lounge, to the observation deck. Out of the room's transparent dome, he could see a distant Jupiter. The planet's raging storms painted it beautifully. Isaiah's mind drifted home.

It was that same memory that always bothered him. He was playing in the yard under the glass sky of his native Osiris Colony. His mother sat on the porch, keeping a watchful eye on her son. A blue military vehicle stopped in front of his house. A man who was not his father stepped out, and called his mother's name.

But he couldn't remember the name, and he couldn't remember anything after. It was explained to him later that the man had taken him to the colony's government sattelite for career path testing. He had been amazingly lucky: within seventeen minutes of his departure, everyone inside the main pod had died.

It would go down as one of the greatest engineering disasters of all time.

Strider Hiryu
August 5th, 2005, 07:15 PM
Onboard Crescent (CS Colony Base) a message appears on the screen of one of the communications officers.

Comm. Officer: “Sir, message just received from our operative on the Charlemagne. Seems it was attacked by a lone suit. He says all evidence points at the X.”

Darkweaver reads the message as it’s transferred to the computer in front of him. Smirking he relays the message to the four other CS leaders.

Darkweaver: “Seems like HALT will be busy with this little accident for awhile. Who was the pilot of that suit again?”

Comm. Officer: “One Rob Opsulous. An ace pilot that went rogue from HALT. His allegiance is unclear at the moment but the higher ups consider him a threat. He is a known enemy of HALT however.”

Darkweaver: “Interesting. Anything else to report on the incident?”

Comm. Officer: “The deaths of 20 HALT pilots are confirmed as well as the destruction of 63 MSU’s and major damage to the hanger itself. Other then that our operative has nothing else to report.”

Darkweaver: “Alright. Relay a message back to him. Tell him to stay low and out of sight for the time being. I don’t need him being found out after this little incident. Our employers wouldn’t be to happy to lose our mole. Also relay this message to all Squad Commanders and all other operatives out in the field at the moment. Do not send this message to Brandon however. I will tell him myself.”

Comm. Officer: “Yes sir.”

The Comm. Officer turns around and relays the messages. Darkweaver rises from his seat and heads out of the Communications Center and towards his personal office.


Inside the Everest colony explosions can be heard as HALT MSU’s chase down the Transition Zero.

Trance: “Four MSU’s closing from both flanks. Four more launching from the base. What’s your plan Brandon?”

Brandon: “Bring pods 2 and 4 online and target the eight suits flanking us.”

Trance: “Targets acquired. Ready to fire.”

The ground in front of the Transition Zero explodes from a rogue missile fired from one of the pursuing MSU’s knocking the Zero back.

Trance: “Targets lost. Minimum damage taken to right leg. New plan?”

Taking over suit control Brandon grabs both of the Zero’s PT VSR’s and pivots the suit sharply. Thrusting forward he heads for the nearest group of suits firing on the first one and destroying it’s left arm. The other three suits break off formation as the damaged suit hit’s the ground.

Brandon: “ETA till the Vesper arrives.”

Trance: “On it’s way. I relayed the commands to my interface on the ship. Should be here shortly.”

Placing one of the PT VSR’s back on its rack Brandon pulls out Zero’s Hyper Beam Saber and sticks it thru the cockpit of the damaged suit. The suit explodes as the Zero thrusts backwards killing the pilot and destroying the suit. The other three suits return with the other group of four. As the suits approach the Zero they are intercepted by fire from the Vesper as it approaches.

Brandon: “Alright open the hanger bay. When we dock cloak the Vesper and get us out of here. We need to report back to base and let them know what we found out.”

Trance: “Will do.”

The Zero boards the Vesper. Upon entering the hanger the Vesper blows a hole in the exterior plating of the Colony and escapes. The enemy MSU’s are thrust into space due to the rapid depressurization caused from the hole. The Vesper makes off on a route back to Crescent.

Trance: “HALT is not going to be happy over that little stunt. You just love giving them more reasons to hate you , don’t you?”

Brandon: “Stow it. The hole wasn’t on purpose but how the hell else did you expect us to get out, ask nicely?”

Trance: “Well that or at least go out an airlock but no you just love doing things the hard way.”

A distinctive beep is heard in the cockpit of the Zero as the communications panel receives a message. Brandon opens it and read it. Upon reading it Brandon’s face becomes all serious.

Brandon: “We’re to delay our return to Crescent. We will be rendezvousing with the Defiance outside of the Asteroid Belt. Darkweaver says its important.”

Trance: “Right. Setting coordinates to what is specified in the message. Are we to inform the rest of your squad.”

Brandon: “No. We are to go alone. Something to do with an attack on a HALT battleship. We’re to meet with him and find out what our employers want us to do. The squad was sent on a mission to retrieve our operative onboard the Charlemagne though I don’t know if its exactly a good idea. They will be on high alert for awhile.”

Trance: “Right.”

August 6th, 2005, 04:34 PM
On Ganymede Rob sits in a local bar thinking over the days success, he slowly savors his Jupitarian Ale, Sunglasses covering his cybernetic eyes. Rob chose not to have the corneas of his eyes returned to the dark brown they once were, instead he wished that part to be without the organic covering to remind him of what HALT did to him every time he looks in the mirror. As he rests from his intense encounter, rumors and gossip spread through the bar about what he had done… no one knew who he was however.

Drunk: 30 pilots eh? That’s one mean bastard… and to think we are afraid of him, he seems to be on our side of the fence ya know?

Bar Tender: He could do the same to us if not worse, HALT’s military technology is a bit beyond our military capabilities. It’s bad enough that we have the Clement hanging around out there somewhere in the asteroid belt, who knows where it could be. I rather be living on Terra than here so deep into HALTs territories.

Another Drunk: Ha! Terra? That hell hole? I heard it was 50 Pilots and 3 high ranking officers that died. One was even a lieutenant colonel!

Drunk: I heard from someone else he destroyed half the hangars of mobile suits!

Bar Tender: That’s ridiculous, It wasn’t probably any more than 10 and everyone is just making up their part of the story as it goes al…

Rob: It was 20 top ace pilots, 63 MSU were totaled, 15 of them being actively piloted, and the hangar is so badly damaged right now it will probably take months to restore back to service.

*bar goes quite*

Bar Tender: And how do you know so much about it yourself young man?

Rob throws his money down on the table as he gets up, as he turns around to walk away, the drunken man noticed the HALT sidearm holstered on Rob’s backside.

Drunk: hey… that’s a fine piece you got there… no TAFF officer carries anything like that. You wouldn’t happen to be one of them HALT boys would you?

Rob continues to walk off

Rob: I guess you could say I was once in HALT.

As Rob leaves the Bar, the Tender picks up his phone and beings to make a call. As Robs walks down the street his communicator watch vibrates.

Rob: What is it?

Ixion: I believe it would be best if we leave as soon as possible. It seems that the authorities have been notified a suspicious person which meets your description.

2 men in TAFF uniform walk up to Rob

Officer: Sir, would you please follow us?

Rob: No thanks, I have places to be

Officer: Its not a request sir.

The Officers stand in Robs path. Rob lets out a sarcastic chuckle

Rob: Now I suggest you fine gentlemen step out of my way before I have to remove you from my path. I honestly don’t wish to…

The 2 men attempt to grab Rob by the arms, Rob slips out of their grasp, grabbing each man by the wrists and contorting their arms pointing behind them, dislocating their shoulder. Turning around Rob kicks one of the men behind the knee sending him to his knees and side kicks him in the head. The remaining man charges Rob, but is grabbed by the good arm and flung over onto his back and quickly put into an arm bar where his arm is shattered. Rob gets to his feet patting the dirt off his clothes.

Rob: I think you are right Ixion, prepare the malice for departure… The TAFF higher ups will probably be notified on who I am and where I was within the next hour. Set a course for ORC we need to rearm, prepare for cloak and ring escape incase the Clement is wandering around out there. I know the Enterprise is also out there since they just dropped off some TAFF big shot here. Find out where and direct our flight plan near it since they wont be looking for us.

August 6th, 2005, 09:07 PM
Isaiah was on his way to the physical training room when the call went out over the Clement's intercom:

"All officers to the conference center. All enlisted combat personell, report to your stations."

And so, he ran as quickly as he could to the conference center. When he got there, there was miniature asteroid field projected in the middle of the room, complete with a miniature Enterprise. Presently, the Captain began his briefing.

Captain: "As I'm sure you are all aware, the TAFF battlecruiser Enterprise was sighted recently in our general area. Well, high command has just notified us of its exact location. They have also informed us that TAFF battlecruiser Endeavour has been sighted approximately 180,000 kilometres away from Enterprise, 483002/226521."

(The numbers referred to direction on the horizontal and vertical planes, respectively. "Horizontal" meant level with the average of the planets' orbital paths. 0/0 was toward the Sun. For astronomical distances, the traditional degree system had been found far too imprecise.)

"Our orders are to ambush Enterprise and disable its engines. We are to inflict as much damage as possible on the cruiser and its MSU fleet before Endeavour comes within firing range. That should give us about seven minutes." He paused for a moment. The projector zoomed in for a larger view of Enterprise. "The Enterprise is armed with four antimatter cannons, ten bruiser turrets, and two ion torpedo bays. However, since we'll be attacking from the rear, all we'll have to worry about are the torpedoes. Best estimate as to its MSU capacity is 110." He paused again, and adjusted his glasses. "Frankly, this should be a cake walk. Our enemy will be outgunned and far outnumbered. With any luck, the Enterprise should be damaged beyond repair. Your specific orders have been sent; report immediately to your stations."

Isaiah grinned as he read his. After months of testing and training in it, he had been looking forward to using his experimental suit in combat. He couldn't wait to tell his squad the good news.

And he didn't have to. Within a minute he was in the hangar, briefing his 947th MS squadron for the coming battle.

Strider Hiryu
August 6th, 2005, 10:59 PM
Onboard the Defiance Darkweaver thinks over the little incident that happened on the Charlemagne. A little light flickered on his computer telling him of an incoming message.

Darkweaver: “What is it?”

Officer: “Sir, the TAFF military lines are ablaze. Seems a suspicious character was spotted in a bar on Ganymede. Two officers were hurt while the man made his escape. They say he might be a HALT spy but a witness says he knew of the incident on the Charlemagne and the extent of the damage.”

Darkweaver: “This Rob is an interesting character. Any news from the Commander?”

Officer: “Commander Valance has yet to give any direct command on what to do. He’s trying to keep the sighting news from spreading and trying to convince the other TAFF higher ups that nothing is going on. He says he will be in contact with you when he is given directions on how this matter should be handled. He also says to keep Brandon on a tight leash. News of his attack on Everest is spreading fast and with HALT already on high alert from the Charlemagne accident he doesn’t need that incident being placed on our shoulders.”

Darkweaver: “Of course. We officially don’t exist to TAFF and we’re viewed as terrorists by both sides so it would be only fitting that the two incidents be thought of as an action by Crescent Sword. However, I highly doubt HALT views us as the attackers. They know this Rob character better then we would. Is there anything else to report?”

Officer: “Nothing of great importance. There was a sighting of the Enterprise in Ganymede space. We might want to keep our distance from that area till they are gone. Even if we are apart of TAFF we are still being hunted down by them. Also we have word that the extraction of our operative on the Charlemagne has been completed with little incident. Death’s Exiles will be bringing him to the Defiance.”

Darkweaver: “Right. Contact Crescent and tell them to inform the other CS leaders of the success of the mission and relay a message to Valance letting him know also.”

Officer: “Yes sir.”

The com line goes dead as Darkweaver shuts it off. He lets out a small chuckle.

Darkweaver: “To think this Rob would allow himself to be spotted in TAFF space. He of all people should know that he’s viewed as a threat by TAFF. I just wonder how they’re going to handle this little incident. Most likely have us take care of it.”

Darkweaver sighs and takes a sip of his coffee.


Trance: “Brandon we are currently drawing near the Defiance. Shall I decloak and request clearance for docking?”

Brandon: “Decloak and send the message. Tell the bridge that I need to speak with Darkweaver as soon as possible.”

Trance: “Right. And what is so important that you can’t take a rest first?”

Brandon: “Well for one I need to know why we were called here and two I need to find out why I wasn’t informed of my squads orders. I’m not to fond of having other people order my squad around.”

The Vesper decloaks after exiting the Asteroid Belt near the Defiance. Flying in closer Brandon gets a good look at the pride of the Crescent Sword fleet.

Brandon: “To think they wasted money building that thing but they couldn’t allow us to put funds into that new cannon I wanted to create. Such a waste.”

A small beeping is heard and a video screen appears in front of Brandon.

Comm. Officer: “Welcome back Brandon. We’ve been expecting you. Docking Bay 4 is clear for the Vesper to dock in. Once we have secured your ship we will be heading for YX-13 via Ganymede space so once onboard you will be stuck here while we are cloaked. Also Darkweaver suggests that you get some rest before you talk with him. He says this is an order.”

Brandon: “Whatever. Just tell him my mission was a success and that I expect the damage to the Zero to be fixed before my next mission. I also expect to see him within the next eight hours. I have some things to discuss with him.”

Comm. Officer: “I will relay the message to him. Your quarters are situated on Deck 6 with the rest of the officers. Please enjoy your stay on the Defiance.”

The video screens goes black and then disappears. Across Brandon’s visor green wording can be seen as he initiates the docking procedure.

Trance: “You do know I am perfectly capable of taking care of the ships functions?”

Brandon: “Just shut up and take over. I am disconnecting the Zero Visor from your interface until tomorrow. Use this time to do systems checks on the Zero and to direct the maintenance personal on how to repair the suit.”

Trance: “You just can’t be friendly can you? Whatever. Talk to you tomorrow.”

Brandon disconnects the Zero Visor from Trance’s interface onboard the Zero just as the Vesper docks with the Defiance. After the unloading of the Zero is done he walks off toward the ship’s elevator and heads to Deck 6. He bypasses his room and heads directly for the Officer’s Lounge where he was hoping to unwind. He had had a rough day and to be passing by Ganymede was not exactly a plus in his book. Many bad memories were on that planet.

August 7th, 2005, 12:05 AM
The Malice exits Ganymede’s atmosphere into deep space, the Enterprise appears on visuals. As Rob’s ship prepares to swing by Enterprise’s port side and into Jupiter’s thin ring belt Ixion picks up unusual readings.

Ixion: Rob, I have an unusual detection near the entrance point of the ring belt.

Rob: Lets see it.

Phazon waves go wild on the on screen scanner as Rob forms a sly grin on his face.

Rob: well Ix that there would be the Endeavour cloaked in Jupiter’s ring.

Ixion: Why would 2 TAFF starcruisers be in such close proximity of each other?

Rob: Because, they are setting a trap, possibly for us.

Ixion: Highly doubtful, Battlecruisers, especially two of them is a large waste of military effort and money to capture one man seen as a threat. Especially in TAFFs eyes.

(Aboard the Endeavour)

Officer: Sir we have an incoming on secure frequency.

Granik: Open the channel….

Rob: Colonel Granik, just what do you think you are doing out here hiding *smiles facetiously*

Granik: Cut the crap Opsulous. Are you some kind of fool contacting people that want you in custody? Pretty arrogant don’t you think?

Rob: C’mon, you know you wont be able to find me in the next 10 seconds when I hit that ring. My ship is to small, and you have to know how to find you which very very few know how to look, Not even HALT has that technology… too medieval for them. *chuckle* So fill me in, just what are you up too?

Granik: I am not authorized to disclose that information, what kind of question is that you idiot!

Rob: Who am I going to tell? HALT? C’mooooooon I’m going to watch whatever you are doing anyways.

Granik: *sigh* It’s a trap for a certain HALT cruiser that we know patrols near these areas.

Rob: The Clement eh? *whistles* Think you can catch that bad boy? Pretty tough little cruiser, faster than anything you guys have.

Granik: I have no need for you insults.

Rob: So I take it that whole top op drop was a cover story eh?

Granik: Why am I even discussing this with you? Endeavor out.

Rob: Hey HEY!! Wait!!

The link is closed and Rob laughs mischievously as the Colonels disgust.

August 7th, 2005, 04:29 AM
Still cloaked, the Clement positions itself broadside to the Enterprise. Three massive cannons find their targets. For a moment, the cruiser falls silent.

And then as one, Clement's starboard guns fire at the Enterprise's main engine, shattering the field that kept them hidden. Enterprise replies with surprising speed, firing off two ionic torpedoes. They are intercepted by a second volley from Clement's guns, and detonate between the two ships. Mobile suits begin to pour out of both cruisers. Enterprise manages to maneuver itself broadside to the Clement before its engine succumbs to a third volley. For a moment, the battle becomes one of raw power: Enterprise's antimatter cannons and Clement's phazon cannons each deal significant damage to the other ship. Clement quickly maneuvers itself behind the crippled Enterprise, however, and resumes its unopposed assault with the two cannons that are still functioning, circling as the Enterprise slowly spins.

In the melee Isaiah's suit does what it was made to do, and does it beautifully. Fenrir rushes and cuts through opposing MSU faster than they can target. He soon notices a group of specialized TAFF suits closing in around him, beam sabers activated. Isaiah smirks. A hail of metal sprays in all directions from his suit, and a barely-visible field forms around it. Two of his enemies' beam sabers make contact with the field, and for a moment it glows a hot-white as the energy is dissipated. A swift kick with exotranium knives extended slashes through one of the TAFF pilots' cockpits, exposing him to the void. A punch punctures the other, with similar results. A nearby unit sprays Fenrir with its vulcan guns, damaging a few of its visual sensors. The suit is hit by an ion beam faster than Isaiah can react, and explodes violently.

Realizing quickly that they are outnumbered, the TAFF MSU pilots begin to fall back to their ship.

August 7th, 2005, 04:20 PM
Lev sits at his desk in his private room aboard the Leviathan. He was deep in thought and his eyes were shut.

In front of his desk, on the wall, was a collage of pictures. Almost all of them were either of Rob or the X. He stirred in his chair, as if waking up from a deep sleep. In reality, he was all too concious. He stood up and walked to the collection of images.

Lev: "Hmmmm... you seem to be a slipery fellow Mr. Opsulous, but don't worry, I'll find you yet. You will be brought to justice."

The ships intercom comes to life.

Intercomm: Lieutenant Andropov, please report to the bridge. Lietenant Levian Andropov, please report to the bridge."

* * * * *

Moments later Lev walks onto the bridge. He looks around for the Captain and finds him. He walk to him.

Lev: "What? I'm busy."

Captain: "That's no way to talk to a superior officer. You'll get no special treatment here; I don't care how good high command says you are!"

Lev chuckles and stands at attention, almost mokingly.

Lev: "Lieutenant Levian Andropov reproting as ordered, sir."

He goes back to his previous attitude.

Lev: "Now what do you want?"

Captain: "You really are impossible.... There was an attack on the Charlemang. It was Rob. How long do you intend to stay aboard my ship and do nothing while that traitor relentlantly attacks us!"

Lev: "You make it sound so simple. Rob is my concern, not yours. You'll do good so stay out of my affairs. I'm gathering information on my dear target. And when I have what I want, I'll kill him. Not before."

Lev turns and walks off the bridge, much to the Captain's dissaproval.

August 7th, 2005, 09:41 PM
As the Clement pounded away on the heavily damaged Enterprise, TAFF MSU made a retreat formation sending HALT units after them. Suddenly the Clement is pounded topside by 2 Mega Particle Beams. Fire erupts from the 2 direct hits. Granik had seen enough and commenced his surprise attack, while the deflector field of the clement was down perminantly now that one of the shots scathed the field generator. The Endeavour lowers itself on a vertical decent while keeping its horizontal plane preparing for an all out broadside assault. 3 ionic torpedoes fire out of the Endeavour’s side, but the Clement is too quick and bursts out of the way the torpedoes flip direction back towards the Clement in persuit as suits pour out of the Endeavour. The MSU from the Enterprise stop their retreat and begin an assault. The HALT MSU legion was now fighting a 2 front battle, but still holding their own. Rob watching HALTs MSU bunched together couldn’t resist an opportunity.

Rob: Ix stay cloaked and head to these coordinates.

Ixion: That is right in the middle of the conflict.

Rob: *smile* Exactly

The Malice fires thrusters full throttle from the cover of the ring belt, and quickly reaches the action. Decloaking upon arrival Rob sees an interesting HALT suit fighting various TAFF specialists at once and holding its own. Rob blazes by the mini battle which is a bit off from his destination.

Rob: I’ll save you for next time (impressed tone)

The Malice enters a hive of HALT MSU firing away at them with its high powered gatlin particle cannons. Suits are randomly hit and destroyed until Rob reaches the core of the defensive. A bundle of 10 seismic mines are released from the Malice as it kicks it up a notch and zips out of the action and recloaks only receiving a few nicks from laser fire. The bundle of mines detonate in the middle of the cornered MSU sending massive blue ring shockwaves in multiple directions slicing threw at least 24 MSU destroying them in seconds. TAFF MSU retreat quickly from the oncoming hypersonic waves, some are minorly damaged.

The malice swings around the otherside of Jupiter using its massive gravity field to sling shot itself away from the planet and the battle, while Rob enjoys the result report of his actions. Once out of range the Malice Decloaks to conserve energy and heads to the refuel halfway station near HALT colony Ixion (not Malice’s AI) before heading off to ORC HQ.

August 7th, 2005, 10:46 PM
The control room of Clement is chaos.

"How did it get here so fast?!"
"All MSU back to hangars! Retreat!"
"What the hell dropped those mines?"

And so on.

The remaining HALT MSU beat a hasty retreat to their ship. As quickly as it can, Clement makes its escape into Jupiter's raging upper atmosphere, avoiding any more major damage from Endeavour's guns. The ship accelerates to keep from falling into the planet. Everyone on board the ship feels the rumbling of the engines and turbulence from the massive storms outside.

Thirty-six of the original hundred and ninety mobile suits remain. Of the nineteen squadrons aboard Clement, only the 947th remains intact. To Isaiah's surprise and relief, only two of his squadron's specialized suits have taken significant damage.

Clement exits Jupiters atmosphere, cloaked once again, in the direction of Mars. Officers are called back to the conference center for debriefing. While the mission is a success, HALT has paid a significant price for it.

Strider Hiryu
August 8th, 2005, 02:19 PM
On the outskirts of Ganymede space the Defiance watched as the battle took place and quickly ended. Darkweaver just smirked as he watched everything take place on the monitor in his quarters.

Darkweaver: “Well now that was somewhat unexpected. I knew the Clement patrolled these areas but for them to blatantly attack a TAFF ship in TAFF space isn’t something I thought they’d do. As for that black ship I just wonder who that could have been?”

While pondering on the question he had just asked himself he was interrupted by a call.

Helmsman: “Sir our current course will take us dangerously close to the damaged Enterprise. I suggest we swing around Ganymede to avoid being detected by both the Enterprise and the Endeavor.”

Darkweaver: “Right. Make the corrections in our flight path. We can’t afford to be caught out in the vicinity of this battlefield. Also do you know where Brandon is?”

Helmsman: “He was reported to be heading for the Officer’s Lounge shortly after docking. He hasn’t been reported as leaving so I think you’ll find him there.”

Darkweaver: “Alright thank you. I’ll be stepping out of my quarters for awhile then. Should any messages come thru patch them directly to me via my communicator.”

Helmsman: “Yes sir.”

Darkweaver closed the com line. He rose from his desk and headed out the door to his quarters. He figured it was time to go see what Brandon was up to.


Brandon sat and stared at the drink that was placed in front of him just seconds ago. He debated whether or not he really needed this drink since drinking was something he did only when he needed to drown out the memories of what his life was once like.

Bartender: “What’s wrong? Something seems to be bugging you.”

Brandon: “Just reliving some bad memories. I’m not that big of a fan of Ganymede.”

Bartender: “Ah. You mean the days after you were kicked out of the TAFF military. Heh, I remember those days. You would always come to my bar and drown out your pain.”

The bartender and Brandon went way back. Shortly after Brandon was kicked out of the military he had visited a bar in the neighbor hood of his old barracks quite frequently. The bartender, an undercover agent for the then fledgling organization that would soon be called Crescent Sword. was originally the one who introduced Brandon to the man he would soon call “Darkweaver”

Brandon: “I don’t need you reminding me of those days. Anyways what happened to your agent status?”

Bartender: “Lets just say shortly after you joined Crescent Sword I was caught in the act of trying to recruit other Special Ops pilots. TAFF imprisoned me for a year and when I was released things went downhill.”

Brandon: “I told you recruiting pilots from TAFF wasn’t a good idea. Anyways what’s with all the change in orders lately. It’s odd for me to be summoned directly to Darkweaver’s personal battleship.”

The door to the Officer’s Lounge opened and Darkweaver stepped in. Brandon hadn’t noticed but the bartender did.

Bartender: “Why don’t you ask him yourself?”

The bartender nodded his head toward Darkweaver and then went about his business. Turning around Brandon saw Darkweaver walking toward him.

Brandon: “So you going to fill me in on what’s going on or am I going to have to sit here and wonder?”

Darkweaver: “In due time Brandon, in due time. I hear your squad has completed there mission and as well as you. Anything to report?”

Brandon: “Nothing in particular. Our lead about the base was wrong. It was just your standard training facility. No ace pilots to be found. So what’s with all the cloak and dagger stuff coming around Ganymede? Can’t we take the usual route?”

Darkweaver: “Well now I’m wishing we did. The Enterprise was just attacked by the Clement in our direct path. We’re swinging around Ganymede to avoid the battlefield. I’ll inform you over a drink.”

Darkweaver ordered a drink and began to give Brandon the low down of what has been happening over the course of the day.

August 9th, 2005, 09:31 PM
Rob sits in the lounge aboard the Malice after restocking the X with the reserve armaments he had aboard. Legs propped up on the table he leaned back into the booth drinking his hot Coffee, A rarity beverage in the system. Coffee could only grow on Terra. There is some on Mars grown in labs but its no where near as good. Rob watches the telescreen flipping between HALT and TAFF news stations. He is always amused at the picture they use of him on HALT’s information bulletins, one of him still in HALT uniform when he was only 18, clean shaven, and with that ignorant smirk on his face.

Ixion: We are nearing the halfway station.

Rob: Good, patch me through to Yaszer.

The News turns off and an overweight man with bad teeth appears on the screen chewing on something.

Yaszer: Welcome to Y Pawn, Y would you pawn anywhere else?

Rob: Shut up Yaz, you know its me.

Yaszer: Roooob hey buddy, coming back to refuel eh? I got some stuff in the shop you might be interested.

Rob: That’s nice Yaz, but I’m afraid I’ll look at them next time, I’m kinda in a rush. I gotta land, refuel, and get back to you know where.

Yaszer: C’mon Rob, cant you just take a look while she refuels? I got a hold of some power enhancers for generators, might add a few sections of recovery time to that hyposhield or whatever you call it.

Rob: hmmm, Interesting. I might just do that.

Yaszer: Caught you interest eh? *grunting chuckle* Hey, fly around out there a bit more, I got some HALT boys checking me out… one of those inspections ya know? I’ll get back to ya when its safe to land.

Rob: Alright. I’ll be standing by… don’t let them find that illegal fueling pump.. I really need it right now. Rob out.

The Malice cloaks as it approaches the halfway station and drifts until he is finally given the signal to dock.

August 10th, 2005, 12:50 AM
Isaiah was watching a caterpillar in the grass. He stuck his hand flat on the ground in its path. It sniffed questioningly at the obstruction, and after some small hesitation, climbed onto it. He heard a transpod stop nearby, and looked up. A man in military uniform stepped out.

"Mrs. Mary Kynes?"
His mother nodded. "Is this about Isaiah's test results?"
"It is," said the man. "Is your husband here?"
His mother nodded again.
"Good. Let's talk inside," he said, and with that they went into the house.


Isaiah woke up in a cold sweat. In one night, years of memories had corrected themselves. He was not Blackwater, as he had been told. He was Kynes. As the fact sunk in, a soft voice came on the intercom:

"Orbit acheived. Ferries to Neu Dresden Thirteenth District and Somerset Eighth District will be arriving every hour on the hour at ports 2, 6, and 11. Clement departs in 7200 hours."

Isaiah showered, dressed, and then made his way down to port 6. From Neu Dresden he took the connection to Regent's Peak, and was there in an hour.

Regent's Peak was one of Isaiah's favorite towns on Mars. So, after leaving the station, he knew exactly where to find the Osiris Monument Garden.

August 10th, 2005, 08:15 AM
Lev read the reports that were given to him about Rob. He studied each one, looking for a glimpse of what he searched for. "Everyone has a weakness Rob, and I'm going to find yours," he said to himself as he studied each report.

Strider Hiryu
August 10th, 2005, 06:07 PM
Darkweaver continued to fill Brandon in on the events that had happened when they were interrupted by a small beeping from Darkweaver’s coat pocket. Pulling out what looked to be a small PDA shaped object he pressed a button and a view screen appeared.

Comm. Officer: “Sir, Commander Valance is on the line. Says he needs to speak to you. Says its urgent.”

Darkweaver: “Alright. Patch him thru.”

The face on the screen suddenly changes. A young mans face appears where the female Comm. Officers was just seconds before. Dressed in a TAFF officer’s uniform the young man looked quite distinguished even if he had a stern look on his face.

Valance: “Good, you are in. The officers on your ship were telling me otherwise.”

The face turns to view Brandon with a look of disgust on his face.

Valance: “Ah I see the traitor is with you also. This will make this go quicker then.”

Darkweaver: “No need for insults. What is it that you need?”

Valance: “After reviewing the incidents that have been popping up everywhere today we see that one figure has been showing his face more then TAFF or HALT for that matter would like. We received word from the Captain of the Endeavor that Rob Opsulous was present at the skirmish between the Clement and the Enterprise. Seems he was the one that ended the conflict with his little stunt that he pulled out there. Even if he did help out the top brass wants us to put an end to the question whether he is an ally or not. We want, or should I say, order Brandon to track Rob and find out what his true allegiance is and whether or not he is a threat to TAFF. We don’t need another enemy coming after us since HALT keeps us on our toes the way it is and it doesn’t help that you can’t keep your pilots from firing on friendly units.”

Darkweaver: “Well technically you guys are after our hides so we have every right. Can you give us the general direction that Rob was last seen heading in?”

Valance: “Oh come now Darkweaver I know all to well that you were watching that skirmish. You know exactly what direction he headed in. That little black ship of his headed in the direction of HALT’s Ixion colony. We think he’s headed to refuel in that area before making his final escape from this area.”

Darkweaver: “Alright. Should Brandon find himself in a fight should he try to kill the man or not?”

Valance: “Frankly I would hope for Brandon’s death but we want him kept alive. There is no need to take a fight to that point. We wouldn’t want to kill a potential ally against HALT. Once you find out his true allegiance you are to head back to Ganymede and meet up with me to deliver the information. You got that Brandon?”

Brandon let out a grunt as his answer and smirked.

Valance: “I’ll take that as a yes. Darkweaver I want you to meet up with my personal shuttle and I at the coordinates I am sending now. I have some things I need to talk with you about.”

Darkweaver: “Alright. I’ll send the coordinates to the helmsman. Darkweaver out.”

The view screen went blank and Darkweaver put his communicator back in his pocket. When he looked over to his right he saw Brandon getting up.

Darkweaver: “Remember you’re going out to obtain information so don’t kill him. He’s more valuable to us then he is to TAFF.”

Brandon: “Whatever. I’m just looking forward to meeting the man who had the balls to attack the Charlemagne like he did.”

Brandon walked out of the lounge and headed toward the nearest elevator down to the hanger bay. Darkweaver just shook his head and took a drink from his glass.

Darkweaver: “He’s going to get himself killed one of these days with an attitude like that.”

Bartender: “Frankly I think that is what he wants. He really is a troubled soul. Oh yes, while you were on the line I received news that Brandon’s Squad will be here within the hour. I sent them the coordinates that we are going to be heading to.”

Darkweaver: “And you say you’re not a good spy. Alright then. His squad won’t be happy when they learn about the mission Brandon was just sent on.”


Five minutes later down in the hanger bay Brandon emerged from the elevator. He was greeted by one of the hanger personnel.

Mechanic: “The Zero is fixed and on board the Vesper as per Trance’s orders. The Vesper has also been refueled and is ready for immediate departure.”

Brandon: “Good work. Prepare the hanger for depressurization. I’m leaving right away.”

The mechanic nodded and ran off to the control room. Brandon walked toward and entered the Vesper. Shortly after entering the ship’s door closed and the engines fired up. Across Brandon’s visor came the clearance to launch. Relaying the commands mentally to Trance the Vesper launched from the Defiance and headed toward Ixion.

Trance: “Where exactly are we headed that’s taking us so near to Ixion?”

Brandon: “There’s a little unknown shop out in that area that does illegal refueling. I’m guessing this Rob has special connections with the owner to fuel there since I’m guessing he’s headed out of this area and toward the rim of the system.”

Trance: “And how do you know this?”

Brandon: “I’m an espionage agent. I know more then I let on. I’ve also had dealings with this Yaz character that owns the shop. Now enough chatter. Get us there as fast as you can. I’d like to catch Rob before he heads any further. As much as I hate taking orders from that bastard of a person I can’t wait to meet this Rob.”

Trance: “Right. Well as long as you have a look of excitement on your face I won’t keep you from what you want.”

Trance entered the new coordinates into the Vesper. Shortly after they were confirmed the Vesper automatically changed course and headed for Rob.

August 10th, 2005, 06:55 PM
Rob walks out to the Malice in the docking bay, The red light flashes signaling completion of fueling.

Rob: Thanks again Yaz, These converters should do just great.

Yaz: Anytime my man, keep bringing those HALT souvenirs back, I like to decorate my office with them.

Rob: Yeah yeah..

With a sly smirk on his face, Rob tosses Yaszer a credit chip with what he owed him and boarded the Malice.

Ixion: Rob, I have been tracking a ship, headed seemingly towards this destination at an alarming rate.

Rob: Oh really? Must be one of those TAFF boys coming to ask me some questions the physical way eh?

Ixion: Or possibly a HALT spy sent to follow us to ORC. The Ship is Vespar class.. not something either use for attack missions.

Rob: HALT never sends a solo pilot after me, you know that. No one in HALT can stand up to me, not even Durb despite what he may believe. Lets leave, don’t cloak, head for ORC and let him catch up a bit. We will give him a nice surprise.

Ixion: Why must you always NOT avoid a conflict.

Rob: You’re right… it does get kind of boring when they all end in the same fashion…

Ixion: That is not what I ment..

Rob laughs, and exits the hangar bay heading for ORC, passing Uranus and Neptune into the deep abyss of the system, with the unknown follower tracking his course.

August 11th, 2005, 03:38 AM
Isaiah approached the gates to the monument garden. As he did so, the gate guard stepped out into the middle of the walk.
"Halt! Who goes there? The garden is closed for the evening."
"HALT," Isaiah replied without breaking stride.
"Yes, halt! Who goes there, I say?" As he said this, the guard's baton began to hum from the current running through it. He pressed a button on his walkie-talkie.
"HALT," Isaiah replied again. He flashed his ID card, and a look of great embarrasment came over the guard. The baton stopped humming.
"Who goes there?" a voice from the walkie-talkie asked.
"HALT," the guard replied apologetically.


The monument was a massive plate from the Osiris colony wall. As it happened, this particular plate had been poorly secured, and came loose in the colony's seventh month of operation. Three others around it followed. Within minutes, everyone inside had died from the bends or asphyxiation. Their names were etched into the plate now, covering both sides completely.

Isaiah had been to the monument many times before, and he knew exactly where to look. As he checked over the Ks, a chill ran down his spine. He checked again. Then he checked over each of the twenty-six thousand, three hundred and fifty names.

Peter and Mary Kynes were nowhere to be found.

Walking away from the monument, he had this to say of his discovery:

"Well I'll be damned."

As it happened, he was exactly right.

Strider Hiryu
August 11th, 2005, 06:57 PM
Trance: “I’m picking up a ship leaving that shop. Matches the profile given to us by Valance. It’s heading in toward the rim of the system uncloaked and at a relatively normal pace. Also it seems to have launched an MSU. From this distance I can’t exactly give you an exact answer but it seems to be the X.”

Brandon smirks as he looks at the sensor readings.

Brandon: “He’s making this too easy. He obviously knows we’re trailing him. There is no way that he’d launch his suit while heading out of this area. Take control of the Vesper and continue trailing the ship. I’m taking the Zero to go meet Rob in person.”

Trance: “You just can’t avoid a fight can you?”

Brandon: “Well he seems to be sending an invitation by launching his suit.”

Brandon exited the cockpit of the Vesper and headed to the elevator that would take him to the hanger bay where the Zero was waiting for him. On the ride down he interfaced with the suit via his visor and readied the suit to launch. He also linked his mind to Trance’s.

Trance: “Be careful Brandon. Even if I am still on board the Zero I don’t have the ability to help out much while controlling the Vesper.”

Brandon: “You worry to much for an A.I. I’ll be fine.”

The elevator stopped and Brandon exited thru the door. He headed for the Zero and entered the cockpit. After strapping himself in he opened the hanger door and launched. He headed straight for the X. He didn’t want to waste anytime greeting Rob even if it did mean an all out fight. As the Zero headed for the X the Vesper continued to trail the Malice.

(OOC: Quick note, anything in my posts from now on that’s in italics will be conversations between Trance and Brandon via the mental link thats formed between the Zero Visor’s interface with Trance’s systems.)

August 12th, 2005, 12:38 AM
The X leaves the malice and throttles it towards the unknown ship.

Ixion: A suit has dropped form the ship, unknown class, not recognizable as TAFF or HALT.

Rob: Specialist… cloak the Malice, await for my commands. (flickers with settings)

Rob can see a crimson dot on visuals, he knew it was the suit headed towards him, anxiety before the battle grew within him, he always got excited about one on ones, especially with a specialist that thought he had what it took to beat him. The Zero slowed to a stop and pulled out the PT VSSR, takes aim with care and fires. The beam collides dead on… with the Hypersheild.

Rob: That would have been fatal… so we have a sniper. *smirks*

The antigravity modules fire up on the X in their reverse role. The pressure built on Robs body as he prepared for maneuvers that would cause any human to black out without them. Another shot is fired and the X dodges it rolling left and then right avoiding another shot. Brandon is amazed… he does not miss… ever. As the X continues to draw closer at an alarming rate, the Zero fires off an ionic micro missile pod, 50 small warheads lock onto the X. Rob takes many of them out randomly with wild hyper chain gun fire, slowing him down from his approach and forcing him to dodge the remaining micro missiles continuing to give chase. Brandon now concentrated on nailing the X while it was occupied. Firing another shot which grazed the left foot of the X. Rob had to take the hit, instead of using the hypersheild. In retaliation Rob let out 2 Ionic missiles at the Zero and raised the hypershiled allowing the rest of the missiles to collide with the X. Brandon makes quick work of Robs attack with a simple roll and a shot out of each beam rail gun. Before he knew it the X was in his face firing off its hyper chain guns. The Zero’s I field quickly raised avoiding the assault, Brandon lowers it before it overheats, flips over the X and swipes at it with his PT Saber. Rob narrowly dodges it, extracts its left double edge and swings at the Zero which bursts upward. The X follows in pursuit activating the hyperstaff dodging rapid fire beam gatlin fire which was far less accurate than the VSSR. Rob returns inaccurate fire with one of the X’s bruiser cannons eventually catching up. The X swings violently at the Zero with the hyperstaff and is blocked by the PT Saber. Sensors on the Zero go wild on the right arm which was loosing stability from buckling under the X’s strength. The Zero quickly strafes to the side and swings at the X at lightning fast speeds, but each slash is blocked with ease by the hyperstaff. Brandon knew he could not take more punishment from blocking more blows dished out by the X. Before he could finish thinking this Rob comes down with the hyperstaff upon the Zero. Instincts take over as the Zero tosses its PT saber into the left arm and blocks red illuminating staff, shoulder panels open up on the X while it’s still pushing on the PT saber. Swarmer missiles poured out of the X. Brandon is disturbed, no one in their right mind would fire missiles at the close of range… this guy was insane. The I-field goes back up as Zero strafes again to the side and throttles upward. Rumbling in the cockpit from the collisions cause adrenaline to rush heavily through Brandon. A very very rare smirk came across his face… no one has ever challenged him like this before. He had to get away out far again and try to tire Rob out, Melee was obviously his speciality… something the Zero was not based on. Rob sat in the X highly impressed and enjoying himself greatly, its been a while since he had a challenge. Seeing the Zeros intentions to move back outward, he prepared the PDC while firing 4 more Ionic missiles at the Zero.

Strider Hiryu
August 12th, 2005, 09:17 PM
Brandon rolled the Zero hard to the right dodging the ionic missiles. As they fly past he pulls the Zero’s two PT VSR’s out and fires upon the missile destroying all four before they can arc back at him. As the missiles explode the Zero’s sensors pick up an abnormal reading.

Brandon, I’m picking up an abnormal energy buildup within the X. It’s as if it’s gathering energy to fire some sort of cannon. Suggestions?

Before Brandon can respond the X fires the PDC directly at the Zero. Split seconds before the energy from the cannon hits the I-Field generators extend their barrier shield. Unable to withstand and disperse the huge amount of energy from the blast the I-Field generators overheat and explode causing major damage to the Zero. The left over energy from the blast hit the Zero’s cockpit directly causing even more damage to the already struggling Zero. The shock from the blast jostles the cockpit violently knocking the wind out of Brandon as he’s tossed around like a rag doll.

Brandon! Brandon are you all right?

Regaining what composure he could and taking a few deep breaths Brandon suddenly lets out a slight chuckle and smirks.

Shut it Trance. I’m just a little winded. Rob has quite a few tricks. He is quite the interesting man. Status on the Zero and remaining micro missile ammunition.

Pods two thru four are still online and ready to fire. PT Saber is out of reach due to your little tossing stunt. That leaves both PT VSR’s, the PT VSSR, the Hyper Beam Saber, Beam Gatling Guns, and Beam Rail Guns left for combat. The Zero has taken extensive damage all over leaving us in serious condition. If this battle doesn’t end soon we’re done for.

Launch pods two thru four at the X. We’re going to end this fight now. Also bring the Vesper back around for a quick swing in pick up. If this doesn’t go as planned we’re going to need a quick getaway.

Brandon thrusts the Zero backwards while launching the last three remaining micro missile pods. Upon detaching from the Zero all three pods unleash their contents sending one hundred fifty ionic micro missiles at the X. Taking this opportunity Brandon pulls the PT VSSR off of the Zero’s back and takes careful aim at the X. He was going to end this duel with the next shot or face a rather unpleasant ending at the hands of Rob and the X. Releasing all safeties on the PT VSSR he charges it and waits for his missiles to hit the X.

(OOC: Hopefully you can discern who's talking when in there. Didn't want to clutter it with names since there really is no dialog going on)

August 13th, 2005, 12:45 AM
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August 13th, 2005, 02:57 AM
(OOC: correction we are acutally located close to the outer rim of the system, i forgot to correct this in my 1st part of the duel post)

Quickly putting away the PDC, Rob knows he cannot avoid such an assault. The hypersheild generator seemed to be malfunctioning maybe from a stray galtin shot to its generator. Rob knew only one thing to do. Brandon took aim at the X while waiting for the micro missiles connection. The X extended all limbs outward as the last of the swarmers bursted out all sides of the X. Only 100 left to match the 150 oncoming, multiple explosions flicker between the 2 MSU obstructing Brandon’s perfect shot. Strays make it through the rumblings of space, Rob fired ionic missiles effectively tricking the micro warheads into perusing and eventually colliding with their newly found targets. Adrenalin running high Rob hits maximum thrust through the cloud of debris caused by the missile barrages, zigzagging straight towards the Zero. Brandon calmly awaits for his shot as Rob closes quickly once again. He lets off a shot, and hits the X’s left shoulder. Sensors in Robs cockpit show critical left arm, loss function of left hyper chain gun, 45% mobility remaining in left limb as the left visual begins to mafunction. Rob continues course at full speed more erratic than before firing wildly with his remaining hyper chain gun causing the Zero to sway avoiding anymore damage, and also preventing Brandon another clean shot. Rob gives the hypersheild another try but still no success. Brandon looks to see the Vesper coming his way, the Malice decloaks in its path and out maneuvers its evasive action keeping it in check. With the X bearing very close Brandon quickly takes aim and fires without a good view hitting the left leg. Sent into a spin the X whips around and clobbers the cockpit of the Zero with its right fist, once again jarring Brandon violently as many of his visuals shut down. While being sent backwards he fires off the Zeros gatlins all up the left torso and already critical left arm of the X. What function is left of the arm is used to jam its double edge into the VSSR. This momentarily stuns Brandon; it could have been the end for them both if he wasn’t so recklessly lucky. Within seconds after that The PDC is pointed directly at the Zero’s cockpit, while the VSR in the other hand of the Zero is pointed at the X’s cockpit. Sweat pours down each mans face from near exhaustion. In the Zero, Rob Opsulous appears on the communication screen with a sly smile on his face, with noticeable heavy breathing.

Rob: You’re pretty damn good… obviously are not a HALT pilot… they don’t teach that in basic or in specialist training. So tell me, is TAFF really that eager to kill me?

August 16th, 2005, 08:54 PM
Isaiah made his return to Neu Dresden, and took a civilian transpod to a random part of town. From there, he located the nearest information center.

Rather than using his military account, he waited patiently for someone to leave their console logged on. It took about five minutes. He walked over to the machine hurriedly, and did a quick search on Peter and Mary Kynes. Countless links turned up. Most related to the Foundation for Utopian Dreams Deferred--FUDD. He searched again, this time for information regarding their deaths. What came back wasn't anything spectacular; the general consensus was that they had died in a transpod error.

Isaiah was not satisfied, but he had to leave. It was only an hour until his weekly injection, and the next ferry left in twenty minutes. Reluctantly, he left the console and stepped outside to call for a pod.

Strider Hiryu
August 16th, 2005, 09:22 PM
Brandon lets out a sly smile at Rob’s comment.

Brandon: “Hardly. I could care less what TAFF wants since I don’t work for them though this job is contracted thru them. If they wanted anybody dead it would be me. They want to know where you’re true allegiance lies. Are you against them or with them? I’m guessing on how you answer will decide how they view you from now on and whether or not your targeted for assassination by Crescent Sword.”

Brandon sighs and takes a deep breath. The fight took more out of him then he expected. He truly was amazed with Rob’s ability to fight and his ability to damage the Zero like he did.

Brandon: “So Rob Opsulous, where do your allegiances lie?”

Is it really alright to be so forward with this man? He could kill us in the blink of an eye.

Yes, if he’s anything like the impression I got in our fight this is the only way we’ll find out. Plus he wouldn’t go that far because I can pull the trigger just as fast as he could and he knows it. This is the only way we’ll get a satisfactory answer because he’s a lot like us. He has his own reasons for fighting against HALT and not siding with TAFF completely if he is in fact helping them indirectly.

August 16th, 2005, 10:04 PM
Rob regains his breath and looks down at his monitors “HYPERSHEILD OPERATIONAL”. Rob slowly withdraws the double edge from the VSSR as crackling noises from the severely damaged arm echo through the X’s innards. The PDC is deactivated and put away. The Zero also slightly backs off as it visually inspects its powerful rifle’s damage.

Rob: My allegiances eh? That’s a fancy way of asking. Crescent Sword… I know of you guys. The bastard children of all TAFF’s dirty work…. My allegiance lies with no one but myself and my support team. I have no beef with TAFF but if they wish to aggravate me further I will gladly oblige… I happen to like using there motives to help mine, and have no desire to harm their cause, but I hold no loyalty to them and never will… not interested.

The Malice turns around from the Vesper and swings up from under both MSU’s feet and ends up facing back to back with the X opening its loading bay.

Rob: Now… seeing as you have not refueled, I know you do not have enough to get back to even the halfway fuel station. Therefore you have no way of returning. I have no reason to kill you, especially since you now carry my message. Since you are the only pilot in a very long time to stalemate me I have something that you might like…. If you can use it. *raises one eyebrow*

Brandon gives Rob an odd look.

Rob: Let’s just say I have no use for it, and I just need to get it off my hands before a certain scientist drives me off the wall… When you board your ship proceed to follow me, your navigational systems will begin to malfunction in about 10 more sectors so you will be forced to use visuals.

The drifts backwards into the Malice as the doors begin to close.

August 18th, 2005, 12:11 AM
(OOC: I'm gonna refrain from posting here until this episode is done, since it completely wouldn't make sense time-wise. Can't have my character skipping two days ahead of the others. :p)

August 18th, 2005, 11:15 AM
Lev sat atr his desk, reading a fresh report from his operative at halfway station. "Hmmmm, this is intresting," he said to himself. He hit some buttons on his computer and an image of the captain apeared.

cpt: What is it? This better be important.

Lev: Oh I think you'll find this very important. Do you remember all those funds I allocated into bribing refuling station attendants?

cpt: That was the biggest waste of-

Lev: He's been found.

On the screen the captain nearly fell out of his chair.

cpt: What!?!!

Lev: One of my opperatinve at the reuling station near the Ixion colony has spotted a ship which met the description of the Malice. He also identified the pilot as Rob. After the ship had been refueled he hid a tracking device on the hull as instructed by me when I hired him.

cpt: So what do we do now?

Lev: Simple we wait for him to return to his home base. Once he leaves we attack it in full force. After that I'll take over. I want access to any pilot and equipment I deem nessissary. You have no choice but to comply.

The captain growls under his breath.

cpt: Fine! We'll do things your way... for now.

The link close and the screen went blank. Lev leaned back into his seat and laughed. "I have you now Mr. Opsulous."

August 19th, 2005, 01:03 PM
(OOC: To whom it may concern: 2 of our other signups will be joining us shortly incase you have been wondering why only 4 of us are updating right now).

OOC: and GRX I will not allow ORC's location to be revealed to HALT or TAFF until much later into the RPG however I will keep the tracking device on the Malice, it will just 'malfunction' in the disruptions that help ORC stay hidden.

Strider Hiryu
August 19th, 2005, 02:23 PM
Can we trust him?

I already said yes. He won’t do anything and I’m curious to see what he has to give us. Send a message to Valance and relay Rob’s answer. I refuse to see that man in person.

The Zero turns toward and heads to the Vesper rather slowly.

Brandon: “Well I’m relaying your message to my employer. I’m guessing he won’t be to happy to find you won’t fight for them nor will he be happy about your reasons. I’m rather looking forward to seeing him pissed off. Anyways we’ll follow you. As you said I haven’t refueled since I left to find you. I’ll have my A.I. follow you.”

Brandon closes the vid screen within the Zero’s cockpit and patches it thru to his visor.

Brandon: “If you need to communicate with me again before we arrive where you’re taking us patch it thru to my visor. I have sent it’s frequency to you. The Zero’s systems are too fried to handle anything more then it’s doing and I don’t want you patching into the Vesper. As much as I hate to admit it I’m constantly under the ever watchful eye of TAFF and they have my comm. system bugged.”

So I’m supposed to follow him? What about the interference he says we’ll go thru?

You can cut thru it. You are one of the most powerful A.I.'s created.

Flattery will get you know where. Just be on the bridge should I need you.

The Zero docks with the Vesper. Upon re-pressurization of the hanger Brandon exits the Zero’s cockpit with smoke trailing him. He just smirked as he took sight of the damage Rob had inflicted on the Zero. No one had ever been that good of a fighter to ever damage his suit so, even back in his days in TAFF.

Brandon: “This Rob is one interesting man. To fight me to a stalemate says a lot about his piloting skills. Then again if I hadn’t have gotten my shield up in time I wouldn’t be here anymore. Trance, send a transmission to my team. Tell them I will be returning a little later then I should be.”

A ding can be heard after Brandon relayed the message, denoting that Trance had sent the message. Brandon headed for the cockpit of the Vesper as Trance began to move it toward the Malice preparing to follow it.

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August 21st, 2005, 02:00 PM
Ryo opens his eyes and everything seems and looks like a blur to him. He quickly winces and finds himself in a hospital bed, white sheets and curtains surround his sight. He notices a wall hanging with the words ‘GSH-TERRA’ and it came to him that he was admitted to General Stomburg’s Hospital – TERRA. But what in the hell was he doing in here, it never came to him, till the following evening.

“Sir, could you please hold up your wrist high so I can read your Eli-Brac readings” said Nurse Jennings.

“Why ofcourse, but only if you promise to arrange for you giving me a sponge bath tomorrow …”

“Why wouldn’t that be a pleasure …. someone’s at the door Ryo, let go of my butt”. She pushes herself away from the bed and just in time. In walks an uptight looking officer in his glasses with a flat notepad under his arm.

“Look what a mess you got yourself into, you’ll never learn you son of a ….”

“Thanks for the chocolates” Ryo interrupts, and pulls out his hand from Lt. Meno’s TAFF jacket pocket. “I’ve been wanting to talk to someone … about this. Why am I here, how did I get here ?”

“You silly oaf you don’t remember do you. 4th Landstreet Mark, across the Hailers at Fortpoint junction, there was a girl attacked and you, like the fool you are, went to save her. From what I can see * ahem * you needed more saving than her.”

Hearing that rang a bell in his mind and Ryo yelped, “Hey hey now, I was ambushed by four arseholes who decided to use ray-guns on me. I couldn’t do a shit, I’m not you, ya know”. It then became clear of why he was injured in the stomach, although the scars were removed, the pain lingered.

Ryo was discharged two days later and was on his way to join his squad on aboard the Atlantis. The Atlantis was stationed on a port near the outer rim of Dkishi city and Ryo couldn’t wait to get back from his extended vacation. He was in for a surprise.

“What did you say ? T.H.E. X’ was responsible … for what again ? Is this a joke ?”

“No man, it’s true. There’s been no official statement of it, but our seniors are certain it was him. He took 20 people off the map, so to speak”.

The elevator stopped and they reached their Squad Leader’s quarters. Commander Samus lay on her couch, feet up, working on her notebook (laptop). “So, you’re finally here. What took you so long, want a medal for playing hero, Ryo or were you just being the fool you are.” She smirked, but didn’t look at him eye to eye. “Your suit has been taken back for further adjustments and modifications in the energy core”.

“Whaa ?! That’s insane. Who authorized it … uhh nevermind. I never have anything complete or anything the way I want. I wear that suit Commander and not you. IYE need to be there while they’re making the changes and why wasn’t I informed before.”

“It’ll be here soon, I suggest you go to your room and await orders soldier. That’ll be all.”

August 21st, 2005, 05:06 PM
As the 2 ships have been traveling for 2 hours both men have caught up on rest since their duel. The Malice beings to slow down as Brandon looks on, he sees nothing anywhere and questions Robs motives in his mind. Suddenly before them the stars being to warp and wave as some of the Vespers sensors being to function erratically. Slowly fading into existence a space colony appears out of thin space. Brandon’s AI reports that all navigation systems have been restored to normal operation. They follow the Malice into a large hangar where both ships land. The inside was amazingly sleek, a lot more modern looking than the outside. Men run up to the ships as each pilot exits their respective transport, all of them are armed and ready to fire at Brandon. All of them are in black jump suits.

Rob: Put your weapons away. He is with me.

The men seem to go at ease as Rob extends his hand out and shakes Brandon’s hand, they both apply a firm grip, and Rob has a newly found respect for Brandon after noticing he has a cybernetic eye. A man runs up through the security crowd in a grey lab coat with thick glasses and scraggly hair.

Dr. Nobles: Rob, Are you nuts?! Attacking that battlecruiser like that?! And… and bringing an outsider here?!

Rob: Can it Nobes, (not a typo). I told you I was going to take ‘drastic measures’ this time didn’t I? Do not worry about this guy… He won’t tell anyone, especially after what I have in store for him, I am sure it will be good enough to keep him quiet. We are going to give him… “It”

A huge smile appears on Nobles as he becomes quite excited.

Nobles: You mean…. He wants it? We can finally see it work properly?! REALLY?! You mean it!!?

Brandon: What is this “it”?

Rob: We are about to go see it. Nobes prepare the room. We have damage. Refule both ships, and Repair both suits. *turns to Brandon* Don’t sweat it, I have people well versed in both HALT and TAFF suit tech, they can repair anything, even the never-seen-before crap. *turns back to Dr. Nobles* I want you to overlook the repair of his suit, tweak it, I am sure who ever made it, didn’t optimize the outputs on speed and power conservation. Put Gerald on the X, My damn hypersheild generator is still be inconstant, tell him if it goes out again during battle he will be buffing the armor with a toothbrush…. *turns to Brandon* Alright, come with me… I will show you something that might interest you.

Brandon takes notice to the high gloss black floor surface with the ORC insignia… this was the fabled outer rim corporation… so it did exist after all. Being in an unrecognized part of TAFF he had privileged information whether he was suppose to come across it or not. They walked down a hall, it was all the same, Black floor and pure white walls that were ribbed to an arch. They stopped at a room which had an odd symbol on the high polished door. Rob stuck his thumb on a pad and the door opened. Nothing could be seen, it was dark. Rob looked back at Brandon with that sly smile.

Rob: Are you ready?

Both men walked into the room which was merely a metallic balcony which extended about 50 yards into pitch black surroundings. The only light was provided by fiber optics that lined the boarders of the balcony, the room was cold. Brandon looked around but didn’t see anything. Suddenly a low hum could be heard and the pitch blackness lightened enough to see from side to side in the massive chamber. Funnels appeared in formation, front tips all meeting at a epicenter as it spun in mid air like a tire on a treadmill. The Funnels separated and all of them faced the two men surrounding them in a semi circle. Rob stands calmly with his feet apart and arms folded behind his back. The funnels being to fire rapidly at both men and red distortions deflected each shot… the balcony was protected by the same thing that protected the X. Rob hits a button on a nearby comm. link. Another man walks into the balcony with a very expensive power sniper rifle handing it to Rob.

Rob: Throw the drone in there.

A drone floats out from a opening in the wall from the other side of the chamber. It seems to communicate with the funnels by command. The funnels line up in a full circle on a vertical plane around the drone. Rob hands the Rifle to Brandon.

Rob: I don’t know much about these things, but I know you know what this is… All I know that there are only 6 of these in existence… lets just say it’s a souvenir on one of my adventures I am willing to part with.. I have no use for it… All you have to do to own it is destroy the drone.

Brandon looks over the rifle with an indifferent expression, but inside he felt like a child in a toy store, he was probably one of a select few that knew what it was that he held in his hands as he noticed the HALT engraved insignia on the stock. Taking out the drone for him would have been easy enough with a standard side arm, but what the hell? Rob lowered the hyperfield as Brandon got comfortable on the guard railing. Although he had no need for a scope, the one on this weapon was different, it showed damage stats, critical hit locations, and other interesting bits of information. He could later move the scope to another location on the gun and interface a direct connection to his visor with the computer, but for now he concentrated on his shot. Brandon fired a perfect shot, and before the target was reached the funnels seemed to disappear as the shot defected upwards. A high pitched hum could be heard as wind blew Brandon’s hair around. A faint orb was surrounding the drone… the funnels were circling in every direction at such a speed it seemed like a solid shield surrounding the drone. The funnels eventually slowed down and then turned on the done destroying it. The funnels then return to their formation that they were in at the begging of the demonstration and rested on the far wall.

Rob: As you can see…. They are deadly… but highly incorporative. Funny thing is, there is no AI running them. Dr. Nobles created them but we can’t seem to grasp complete control of them. I have no use for them since I have hypermatter technology. I’ll have quarters set up for you, food and shower, while you’re suit is under repair. Feel free to look over what my men are doing, and give them input on your suit, you might see a few familiar faces seeing as they are all banished scientist. If you are interested in what you have just seen we can have it installed, you can personally mess around with the settings in the repair hangar. This MSU training hangar can be used to test them in simulated combat. The rifle is yours.

The door opens again as a beautiful young lady in a short skirted one piece ORC uniform with knee high black boots stands waiting to bring the guest to his quarters. She had white waist length hair with a pink highlight running down the on the front rite side. Obviously from Calisto. Rob has a mischievous expression on his face.

Rob: Feel free to ask any of our lovely assistance for… anything. So what do you say?

August 25th, 2005, 05:16 PM
OOC: A note about fuel in space: Keep in mind that once you're out of the atmosphere and up to speed, you're not going to be using much fuel until you have to slow down again. Other than maneuvering during fights, and possibly changing course to skip around planets and such, there shouldn't really be any major fuel expenditures in the middle of trips. :p

Isaiah was still disoriented from his injection as he walked back to his room. He rubbed where it had been given, although this behavior made little sense; he knew perfectly well that his tissues had been regrown over the spot.

Modern medicine really did amaze him.

As he was having this thought, Clement's engines fired. The sudden movement sent Isaiah stumbling backwards. As he regained his balance, he could hear the roar of Mars's upper atmosphere growing against the hull as the ship attempted to free itself of the planet's gravitational pull. Now steady enough to move again, he continued on the journey back to his quarters.

And Clement began the journey to its port of call, Ixion.

August 26th, 2005, 05:03 PM
Sever latched onto the outer hull of the Vesper with his Mk. II environment suit. This highly lightweight, composite outfit was the cutting edge of a secret organization's black fund. It used theoretical energies and matter to perform magnificent, otherwise impossible feats - for the moment, it allowed him to become invisible to the naked eye and then some, and allowed him to stealthily attach himself to the outer hull of the hulking cruiser with little or no effort - as if by some great magnetic force.

Sever whispered, his voice completely muted in space. "This is codename Sever, I am in close proximity of our mark. Proceeding with operations."

Sever jogged along the spacecraft, placing small, marble sized globules strategically on its metallic chassis, which after planted, became transparent and unnoticeable. He ran up inside the thruster and placed several more. Afterwards, he ran within centimeters of a mechanic, unnoticed, and proceeded to run straight up the synthetic metal hangar wall. He slipped into a Co2 exhaust vent, and began listening for voices.

Strider Hiryu
August 28th, 2005, 01:16 AM
Brandon pulls off the Zero Visor and gives Rob a sly grin.

Brandon: “If only I were as much of a deviant as I look to be. I will take you up on your offer since I am in no hurry to get back to my superiors. Also thanks for the rifle, will make a great addition to my collection. If you don’t mind I’ll leave Trance in charge of my suits repairs. You might want to warn your mechanics that she’s a hard ass on how my suit is treated and repaired. Being the A.I. to a suit piloted by me runs her circuits ragged. Also, Nobles was it, I’d like the blueprints to your little creations there. I’d like to see how they were built and what they were built using plus the weapons onboard. I have an idea on how to make them more powerful as an offensive weapon.”

Brandon looks back again on the funnels that Rob had shown him. He was impressed by their design and effectiveness in battle as an offensive weapon and a defensive shield. He then looked back at Rob and Nobles.

Brandon: “If you’d send those plans to the room I’m staying in I’d be grateful. I’ll give the specifics of what I have in mind to you if they will work with your design. Now if you’ll excuse me I’d like to get some more rest. Fighting someone of you’re caliber takes a lot out of a person.”

Brandon then eyed the beautiful young lady in front of him.

Brandon: “Now then miss. If you’d be so kind as to show me to the quarters assigned to me I’d be most grateful.”

The young lady left the room followed closely by Brandon as she led him to the quarters that he‘d be staying in. Last thing that could be seen was a smile on Brandon’s face.

(OOC: Sorry for the long wait. Didn’t think it’d take me this long to update then again I’m taking on a heavier class load then last year. I’ll try to get updates up faster from now on to move the RPG along.)

August 28th, 2005, 11:49 AM
Sever proceeded up the vents. He climbed up the dropoff, and looked into the main artery - he was greeted on the other end by a large, for the moment docile autocannon.

"I'm not picking up any detection methods..", he thought. Sever twitched his left ring finger. On his visor, several other displays activated. "Holy shit!" he thought, as all sorts of beams and wavelengths appeared clear as day before his very eyes. Sever returned back down the dank, rusty vent. "Maybe I should try the old fashioned way.."

Sever spotted an important looking scientist when his commander broke in. "Sev- *kak* tiz is*kak* mand*ksssht*een. Losin*kak* ontact.. *kssht* ohceed*kak* own risk."

"Where the hell am I?", he thought. Sever twitched his ring finger ever so slightly than he did before, and a locational positioning display appeared in his visor. "-- NO SIGNAL --" it read. "What the hell?" Sever proceeded to follow the scientist as he wandered from one hangar terminal to the next, doing seemingly unimportant things.

In a darkened room with open terminals all around, a scrawny, poorly groomed man got up from his seat and went to his portly officer. "Sir, we've just detected a high profile positioning protocol, normally unused by our likeness... I don't think it's anything, but I just figured you may want to know." "Good job, lad. Just follow the standard protocol." The man went back to his terminal, and activated the heightened security devices.

Sever was just following the Scientist into a large gate when a huge monolithic gate in front of it burst alive, lights glaring, and a small transparent red field within it. The scientist found this somewhat akward, but proceeded anyways. Sever became highly suspicious. The scientist put his head into a hooded device, and a high pitched beep rang out. Sever took this chance to sprint inside just as the scientist was making his way through. Just as the scientist began to walk inside, the doors slammed in his face.

"Paging central security", the scientist said into his transmitter. "Yes, Mr. Selmer?" "The front gate just slammed in my face, and I'm no longer cleared to enter." "We're investigating it....... oh shit. We looked at the logs, and a faint, 1.8 meter heat signal passed through right before you did! I'll call you back!" The commander in charge at central security ordered the entire complex on lockdown. Just as Brandon was leaving, every door around him in the hallway slammed shut, the regular lights turned off, and the red emergency lights turned on.

"I've done it now... what the hell kind of security is this anyways?!", Sever thought to himself.

August 28th, 2005, 05:19 PM
The lovely assistant tossed Brandon a mask which he promptly put on as each room in the entire colony had been filled with nauseous knock out gas. Within five minutes all doors reopened as the gas was vacuumed back into the ventilation. Guards ran down the halls looking for anyone that was laying unconscious on the floors. Rob calls security on his comm watch.

Rob: Order everyone to their zones, and sweep the halls with the cyanide, no one is to leave their zone until the process is complete. Send our visitor the schematics of “it” that Nobes was bringing to room 34C2 via its computer.

Rob enters a vast room with a lone command chair and console raised on a platform. He plops down and starts typing rapidly, the room goes dark and a holographic scale model of the solar system appears with blue and green dots marking every TAFF and HALT battlecruiser’s location. Rob notes that the Clement is headed towards Ixion, not currently cloaked it was available for tracking, the Dreadnaught was at Titan, and the Pantheon was docked at Everest. The Leviathan was headed towards Mars from a diplomatic trip to Terra’s Moon, Rob knew this because the Challenger was located there, with the Discovery located between Terra and Venus, and the Renaissance located between Terra and Mars, classic insurance formations.

Rob: Well, so much for visiting Titian for now, I need to get back to Terra, but first a stop on Mars wont hurt… *hits comm link*. How long until the X is repaired?

Tech: We are replacing the arm completely, and are currently working on the torso damage you received. It should be another 8 hours sir.

Rob: very well, notify me as soon as repairs are finished.

Rob Inspects the map more while he waits for the halls to be swept

August 28th, 2005, 09:54 PM
Sever leaned against the wall while cloaked, as even though he was essentially invisible, high powered cameras could detect a bit of motion. Then, the doors at the other end of the hall opened. Guards in strange uniforms which resembled old vintage ocean diving suits entered, with nozzled hoses connected to a tank on their back. They began sweeping the hallway and rooms with cyanide.

"I'm pretty damn sure my facemask can ventillate itself..", Sever thought, "now just to get out of this damn hallway." As the guards had finished 3/4 of the hallway, he silently ran aside one of the middle guards, and slid open a valve connecting his helmet to the oxygen supply, exposing him to the highly saturated cyanide. He almost let out a scream, but was muted by his own choking blood. He fell down to the ground. The guards circled back to back, defending wearily.

"Aw, shit, Dave, shit!"
"What the hell?"
"These aren't supposed to malfunction like that, are they?"
"No, I don't think so..."
"Is it too late?"
"I don't think they'll allow him in the medical center during the current state of things!"
"He's long dead, Jack. It's not like it matters anyways."
"Where the hell is this fucker, anyways? So much for top of the line equipment."

Just then, a pop came from one of the other guards' helmets. He, too, was dead in a matter of seconds.

"I think I have an idea of where..." *kak* *ksssssshhht*

"Please, whoever you are.. spare me.. spare me.. I have a wife and kids.. I have no ill will towards you or whatever group you represent.. please.."

Sever answered, from above. "That's absolutely fine with me. If you want to live, I suggest you get the hell out of this room as fast as possible."

The guard jerked his head up in surprise and terror.

"What do you mean by that?! Please don't kill me!"

But he was answerred by silence. The hapless guard ran back to the door from whence he came. He banged on it feverishly. "Command! Override lock! Override lock!"

But the answer from the PA system was firm and unsympathetic. "I'm sorry, Rick. You know as well as I do we wouldn't risk breaking such a dangerous quarantine." Soon a highly corrosive acid oozed out of the fire extinguishers above, dissolving all the corpses it touched in an instant.

"No....", he wept. Later the room drained out the soluted corpses from drains in the floor, but Sever was not among them, for he had run through that same confounded door long ago.

September 5th, 2005, 10:19 PM
OOC: I might not update for a week or so because of stuff I am dealing with right now, having a house full of people, and working so much

September 19th, 2005, 02:59 PM
(OOC: It seems that some of you are going towards your characters main purpose in this RPG far to fast, If you reach your goals within the beginings of the RPG what would be the point of your character after that? that being said, ORC's location cannot be revealed until later into the RPG, so no more going to ORC or appearing in ORC unless its by my way. I have plans for a huge battle later in the RPG for everyone to partake in. that deals with the discovery of ORC by a faction)

After the procedure was complete for the open areas, the ventilation system was being closed off section by section and individually being done. Rob began heading back to the hangar to check in with the X’s repairs. As Rob walked down the hall he felt something a rye. He was hearing faint movements; movement the normal ear couldn’t obtain… someone was in close proximity of him. He couldn’t see anyone, even the organic sensor mode on his eyes didn’t pick anything up. Rob presses a button on his comm. watch.

Rob: HQ…

HQ: This is HQ Mr. Opsulous

Rob: Who is located nearest to my current location?

HQ: Checking sir…. Um, no one, why?

Rob: Initiate 5-40U. That is all.

Rob continued to walk down the hall for a few more feet. Suddenly 2 blaster walls crash down blocking in a 3 section portion of the hallway with no rooms. In stunning fashion a clip pops into the air out of Rob’s utility belt as he unholsters his gun jamming the clip into it. He promptly turns around and fires 3 shots in the same direction but at different angles. The bullets ricochet wildly. One of them stops early, the other 2 finally give rest. Drops of blood start hitting the floor. That was enough for Rob to see, quickly dashing and doing a 4 step wall run, he pushed off into a spin kick. Rob’s foot had contact and a grunt could be heard, along with a thump on the ground. Rob continued for a floor stomp but nothing was there. He was promptly nailed in the back by what felt like an elbow. He does a rolling recovery only to be hit in the chest by a foot, the sidearm is kicked out of his hand. A mist began spraying in the room by Robs design. He dodges a punch unintentionally while his eyes focused on the disturbances within the light haze. He blocked a swing from the unknown intruder to their shock. Letting out the classic grin Rob leg sweeped and brought down his heel on what he targeted to be a face. Blood leaked down in mid air. Both flipped up off the ground quickly, Sever went to pinwheel off the adjacent wall, Rob grabbed him by the leg in a roll, sending him crashing face first to the floor. Sever’s already busted nose left a bloody mark on the floor. Rob picks the not-so-invisible perpetrator off the floor and starts pounding on his head and torso with various fist combos finishing off into a back kick sending Sever into the blaster wall. The mist started clearing as Rob went for another assault, Sever recovered by dodging and letting out a left hook into Robs abdomen. It was a lot harder to see the transparent man, now that there was only a little blood to go by visually. Sever looked quickly for an escape, he had been caught, and more were sure to be on their way.

Sever: This wasn’t suppose to f*cking happen, this is new technology. Undetectable I was assured!

Rob: Even the best tech can still succumb to simplistic detection…

Spider wire propelled out of Rob’s belt, it stopped in mid air wrapping around an object that was not visible to the naked eye. The mist had made the floors saturated with a forth of an inch of liquid. Sever fell down, confined within wires that were terribly uncomfortable. The blaster walls rose back into the ceiling, as Rob walked by Sever he stomped on his sternum as he walked over his body like it was the floor. He reaches into his belt for something else. Leaving the wet area of the floor, Rob turns around and throws 4 black ball-like objects onto the floor around Sever. They let out a powerful voltage into the thin layer of fluid and into the spider wires, shocking Sever relentlessly. He became visible for the first time as ORC security runs up from both sides of the hall. Rob picks up his gun.

Rob: Well now. It seems your mission, whatever it may be, was unsuccessful… who are you with?

Sever doesn’t say a word. Impatient, Rob kicks him in the head knocking him out cold.

Rob: Interesting. No matter. *Stretches out his back where he was clobbered*

Officer: Should we bring him to the termination chamber sir?

Rob: No… put him in the pod… See if he can make it to the sun to burn if he isn’t crushed by the excruciating g forces.

Security forces drag the lifeless body to a small room, they remove the wire off Sever and place him in a coffin like device, with supply of pure oxygen that would only last 4 days… exactly how many days it will take for it to reach the sun. Sever awakens while the Pod is being placed into a launch bay. Disoriented from the pure O2 being fed through the small vent, he begins to feel high pressure on his body from G-forces, he looks through the only small window to see stars blazing by, who knows how fast he was going, he didn’t know where he was going. Rob observed his launch.

Rob: Nobes…

Dr. Nobles: The suit repairs on the X are done, They are now finishing the touch ups on the Malice, you will be ready to go in about 1 hour.

Rob: Excellent. I will be heading towards Mars.

September 19th, 2005, 03:52 PM
OOC: Since there is no way to truly anticipate the slang of the distant future, it will be replaced in this post by stereotyped late 1990s African American slang. This decision is based on nothing whatsoever.

Isaiah was chillin' with his homies back at his crib in Ixion, when all of a sudden one of them said, "Yo you been lookin hella dazed lately." Isaiah laughed. "True, true," he said with some hesitation. "I think I've been played by the Man." His homies chuckled. One said, "Hell, we's all gettin played by the Man."
"No, no, I mean mad played."
"Word. They lied about my peoples, man!"
"That's fucked up, yo."
"Yeah it's fucked up. I wanna see what the fuck is up with that, but I gotta be sneaky and shit, 'cause obviously they's tryin'a hide somethin."

There was a brief moment of silence, then Isaiah's homie Steve spoke up. "Hey, man, I'll check it out for you."
"For real?"
"For real."
"It ain't a thing."

And indeed, Steve did check it out.
And the night he did, Steve died of a massive heart attack.

September 21st, 2005, 11:26 PM
Sever felt his imminent destination as the heat and the g-forces increased exponentially. Suddenly voices began singing inside his head.

Tonight I'm gonna have myself a real good time
I feel alive and the world it's turning inside out Yeah!
I'm floating around in ecstasy
So don't stop me now don't stop me
'Cause I'm having a good time having a good time

I'm a shooting star leaping through the skies
Like a tiger defying the laws of gravity
I'm a racing car passing by like Lady Godiva
I'm gonna go go go
There's no stopping me

I'm burning through the skies Yeah!
Two hundred degrees
That's why they call me Mister Fahrenheit
I'm trav'ling at the speed of light
I wanna make a supersonic man of you

Don't stop me now I'm having such a good time
I'm having a ball don't stop me now
If you wanna have a good time just give me a call
Don't stop me now ('Cause I'm having a good time)
Don't stop me now (Yes I'm having a good time)
I don't want to stop at all

I'm a rocket ship on my way to Mars
On a collision course
I am a satellite I'm out of control
I am a sex machine ready to reload
Like an atom bomb about to
Oh oh oh oh oh explode

I'm burning through the skies Yeah!
Two hundred degrees
That's why they call me Mister Fahrenheit
I'm trav'ling at the speed of light
I wanna make a supersonic woman out of you

Don't stop me don't stop me don't stop me
Hey hey hey!
Don't stop me don't stop me
Ooh ooh ooh (I like it)
Don't stop me have a good time good time
Don't stop me don't stop me
Ooh ooh Alright
I'm burning through the skies Yeah!
Two hundred degrees
That's why they call me Mister Fahrenheit
I'm trav'ling at the speed of light
I wanna make a supersonic woman of you

Don't stop me now I'm having such a good time
I'm having a ball don't stop me now
If you wanna have a good time
Just give me a call
Don't stop me now ('Cause I'm having a good time)
Don't stop me now (Yes I'm having a good time)
I don't wanna stop at all

La la la la laaaa
La la la la
La la laa laa laa laaa
La la laa la la la la la laaa hey!!....

Just then, the small, sleek craft, the Exelero, materialised inches before his pod, which slammed into the open cargo bay.

September 24th, 2005, 12:21 AM
The door call buzzes as a disgruntled commander sits at his desk in deep thought.

Durb: Come in.

Officier: *salutes* Sir.

Durb: At ease, what do you have for me?

The Officier hands Durb the small hand held

Officier: It looks like you pay off... well paid off sir. You special interest is successfully tracking the X as we speak.. well sort of.

Durb? Sort of?! Explain...

Officier: Well... it seems that the tracking device is facing some difficulties.. Our experts believe its because he went back to...

Durb: Don't even say it... you know better than to believe in such fairy tales... He either found the device, its faulty, or that scum bag is holding information from us. *streches back in his chair looking off to the wall* Yup... thats the advantage of not being ranked so high... I would be doing it myself if I wasn't a general. *picks up his shot glass and downs the last of his drink* Is that all?

Officier: Yes sir.

Durb: very well... keep me up to date.

The officier leaves Durb's chamber as he gazes at the wall. An image of a younger Rob and himself shaking hands was there. They were dressed it those terribly uncomfortable graduate uniforms. Rob was more decorated than he was, but he had one medal Rob did not... honorable form... something Rob would not achieve at the academy... his stubborness and unorthodox methods were viewed as wreckless and even complete madness. In the end, his other attributes made the board of directors overlook this, making Rob top pilot on the depth chart. It irked Durb to this very day.

October 5th, 2005, 01:21 AM
Sever's nerves were on edge as adrenaline soared through his veins from his near death experience. He had been sitting in the corner of his cruiser in a cold sweat for hours. Suddenly he was addressed by his commander.

Sever: Yes, sir?
Commander: mimimimimimimimimi
Sever: ...
Commander: mimimimimimimimimi
Sever: ...?
Commander: mimimimimimimimimi
Sever: Commander, I'm having difficulties understanding you..
Commander: Just kidding. *farts*

October 12th, 2005, 06:49 PM
The Dreadnaught pulls up to Terra ready for its secret attack. A disturbance is picked up on the sensors.

Tactical: sir... picking up one mobile suit.. its the X!!!

Durb: What the hell? Fire! Rob you're crazy if you think you can take out this ship!

Rob: I am about to put an END to all if this.. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU WILL DIE!!!

Suddenly panels on the X open and being to illuminate a goldish tint.

The X brusts into full throddle at unseen speeds as it extends its right arm out, the entire hand is glowing.

SHINING FINGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Dreadnaught is destroyed and all of the HALT fleet spontaneously explodes. The evil regime was brought to an end. mm bop plays in the back ground as the credits roll!

October 12th, 2005, 07:41 PM
"That's not cool yo," says Isaiah who was transferred to the Dreadnaught but was wandering around outside the ship for no particular reason.

He fires a single bullet at the X. The mobile suit is flung apart as the projectile crashes into it with the inertia of a fully-loaded barge.

Rob: wtf?
Isaiah: lolx

And thus was HALT avenged.

But the capitalist pigs still took over, so that kinda sucked.

October 12th, 2005, 10:25 PM
Rob floating out in space powers up to SSJ3457495873453, decimating the entire universe including himself leaving an empty void for all eternity.

October 12th, 2005, 11:42 PM
And then God came in and said, "lol n00bs," and created a new universe where humans no longer possessed ridiculous and completely impossible technology. Thus was our world born.

October 12th, 2005, 11:45 PM
LMAO X'D fantastical

October 13th, 2005, 12:00 AM
This is indeed, as Vyp so eloquently put it, "teh best SICD evar". :p

October 13th, 2005, 12:02 AM
kinda dissapointing, we had like 6-9 interests, i guess we blew them all away with our sign ups, too advanced, and too set in stone from the 1st one. oh well, no more SICDs ever again. guess on the fly works better than planned out RPGs. Katrina wasnt much help either.

October 13th, 2005, 12:40 AM
It's a pity, really...I had such plans for my character.

October 13th, 2005, 12:59 AM
well i might attempt a future post-amageddon that was botched at another forum because an important person in it, and who started it went into depression and gave up on it in the most important part of the RPG. it will be unorganized and of the top of the head like the 1st SICD. another SICD just wont work because we know what we want to do, and its just the new people dont know what to do, feel left out. In a new one we could care less about what happens to our precious characters lol.

October 13th, 2005, 02:11 AM
Cool, cool.

I've been toying with a (relatively) logical magic system that would work wonderfully in a forum FFRP, but I lack the organizational skills to put one together. That, combined with the tendency for RPGs to fail on AC, would mean quick death for my pretty universe.

October 13th, 2005, 05:21 PM
yeah, I think SICD, one of cammy's and another one about vampires were the only successful RPGs. but i think this one might work.

October 13th, 2005, 05:33 PM
Eh, Cammy's (unless you're referring to a different one from before I was here) fizzled out too. I remember seeing the vampires one though...I think it ended up being like twenty pages long. O.o

But yeah, when are you thinking of starting it?

October 13th, 2005, 10:24 PM
it fizzed out but it was pretty long. I dunno yet, I go on my vacation from work starting halloween so I might start putting stuff together then, i might post something to see how many interests we gather up.

October 14th, 2005, 05:03 AM
Nooooooo :( is it over ? Every saturday night, I always got to writing 2-3 lines about my suit and the works but my fault was that I wanted it to be like the one's you guys had, which meant more work for me (cos I know two shits about it :sulkoff:) Hehe but it'd be fun if it was still around.

October 15th, 2005, 09:16 PM
Aw man, that's disappointing. I was really enjoying the whole thing, but oh well.

October 19th, 2005, 06:32 PM
Cool, cool.

I've been toying with a (relatively) logical magic system that would work wonderfully in a forum FFRP, but I lack the organizational skills to put one together. That, combined with the tendency for RPGs to fail on AC, would mean quick death for my pretty universe.

Systems = bad! Four legs = good!

October 19th, 2005, 07:43 PM
Four legs good! Systems better!

Systems give a framework for what works and doesn't work in a given RP.

October 24th, 2005, 01:10 AM
But it also limits creativity. If someone does something retarded, they can always GANFOBYGDO

October 24th, 2005, 11:29 AM
Limits creativity, but improves coherence. People are less likely to do mildly retarded things that, while not deserving of divine retribution, still mess up the flow of the story.

October 25th, 2005, 12:09 AM
the problem here is finding dedication.

October 25th, 2005, 06:50 AM
Inspite of all the help I could get with the signups and reviewing / taking clues from you guys, it'as slightly tough for me as a mecha non-expert + first time player to get into the jive of it and I apologize for stagnating the story in any way ...

October 25th, 2005, 08:33 AM
Inspite of all the help I could get with the signups and reviewing / taking clues from you guys, it'as slightly tough for me as a mecha non-expert + first time player to get into the jive of it and I apologize for stagnating the story in any way ...

it wasnt you, we had like 10-12 people that said they would play, and we only ended up with 5. in which katrina limited it to 3. so there was no back up.