The Final Hour
Written by Sabe   

October 17th, 2004, 04:48 AM
BG: The reasoning for the following RPG is to help me get over my writers block...
Style: Resident Evil with a Twist
Creatures: Mostly Standard RE, except the zombies have a high level of intelligence and knowledge of what the original person knew, but no "living" memories; others revealed later
Weaponry: Keep it real-time (ie: no Gundam weaponry no MS's etc)
Setting: Half-time (Flashbacks to reveal your Characters origins welcome and appreciated) New York style city


In the city of Cherice, the Bio-Pharmaceutical company, Umbrella Incorparated, has re-gained a major toe-hold in the business world after a near fatal accident that occured in the early part of the new millenium. A lawsuit, now known as the Redfield/Birkin vs Umbrella Inc. case, nearly caused bankruptcy when they brought viable, "...Zombie like lifeforms..." into the court room. After it was proven to be the fault of UI, the company was almost brought to it's knees in debt to rebuild Raccoon City and all other areas destroyed by their effects.
But when the company was bought by the young billionaire, Dr. Matthew Spencer, the slow became a respected part of the pharmacology society once more. However, the young Dr. Spencer had other plans in mind, the same has his Great Grandfather before. Under his watchful eye a well hidden viral line was re-developed, the Dark-land series. The only successful breed of the virus, T.G.-04 codename Hellfire, was introduced into a large number of "organic samples". However, an ex-military man, known only as "Hunter" had infiltrated the ranks of the corporation, seeking to destroy the company from the inside out...

*Under the city, in a Hive reminicant of that in Raccon City (sorry, the movie element was better) a grim looking young man was watching the progress of the 04 virus in a simian subject.* *He was pleased to see that, while the violent tendencies of the older subjects was there, the virus didn't do as much mental damage, and the ability to follow simple orders was still possible*

*Turns to the man beside him* "Isn't this excellent, Hunter? The foul beasts still have the ability to follow my orders...The possibilities are amazing."

"Yes, sir. But let us not be so hasty. Don't forget, the previous scientists believed this also. But they could never control the infections spread, and this was catastrophic because humans and many other species didn't fair so well..."

"You are too worried. We are the apes closest relative. The virus should work just the same."

*To myself* "We shall see...we shall see..."