Another Earth
Written by asrienne   

May 30th, 2005, 03:57 AM
(A modern/fantasy RPG)

2043 A.D. Demons from the underworld rise to conquer the earth

2045 A.D. Demons have control over all governmental processes after 2years of war. In the chaos, however, most modern structure and landmarks have been destroyed, leaving but a few major cities. The Dark Lord, ruler of all demons,

Humans and Demons of little power have become slaves to those more influential and strong. Almost anyone is willing to do anything to become stronger. Business in the black market is booming, since the economy now depends on it. The whole world has gone to heck, and no one is willing to do anything about it.

Well, almost no one.

An underground rebel group is slowly forming, gradually preparing to overthrow the Dark Lord and bring freedom for all citizens. Man, Wizard, and Demon alike are members of this uprising.

The struggle begins.

Here's where you guys come in. The Dark Lord is roleplayed by me, so no dibs on that. You can have as many characters as you want, but make sure they're distributed evenly among sides (though no one needs to be neutral, it's just an option.)


Age: __ (Human Age: (If applies)


Type: Wizard, Demon, Human, or a mixed breed

Side: Demon, Rebels OR NEUTRAL

Appearance: anything about your character, including distinguishing traits like clothes or eye color, etc.

Personality: anything about their mannerisms

Weapons: Self explanatory

Background: Optional

Choose your destiny wisely.


Name: Dark Lord

Age: Unknown

Gender: Unknown

Type: Demon/Wizard?

Side: Demon

Appearance: All that is seen of Dark Lord is his 7"5 frame cloaked in black robes.

Personality: Spiteful, unforgiving, and emotion-less, Dark Lord has an air of mystery about him. No one knows much about him, except for the fact that anyone who fights against him never does again.

Weapons/Skills: Telepathic, telekinetic, and fire abilities seem to be his specialties.


Name: Akira

Age: 997 (Human age: 25)

Gender: Male

Type: Wizard/Demon

Side: Demon

Appearance: 5"9, 99 lbs, normal build. Akira had black ear length hair and black eyes. His skin is pale and he shows no emotion. He usually wears black pants with a black t-shirt and a black overcoat. He has a few tattoos of weird designs on his shoulders. He wears black boots.

Personality: Cold and dark. Akira has no emotions for anyone or anything. He is rough and silent, doing what he is told. He is very angry at the world and doesn't trust people too often.

Weapons: Akira has a sword, made like a katana, but it is thicker and longer. He also has a short sword and and mastered the rock elements. They say he knows some black magic too.

Tidbit: Akira is a personal assassin/guard of the Dark Lord, ranked in the top three. (If you want to be one of these, please run it by me first)


Name: Mario Thompson

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Type: Human

Side: Rebel

Appearance: 5"8, 114 lbs, Normal build. Mario has spiked brownish reddish hair and a goatee that's the same color. His eyes are brown and he usually wears long, baggy jeans and a black t-shirt.

Personality: He's generally a nice person unless you get on his bad side. Though a little overconfident sometimes and teasing, he's fun to be around. But whenever he's dealing in matters of the demons, he gets ultra serious. He's somewhat of a computer geek, and is the brains of the rebels*.

Weapon: Mario uses his sole weapons, fists and feet, since he's not trained to fight.

*Mind you, not all rebels are in this group.


Name: Lila Palaski/Crash

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Type: Human

Side: Rebel

Appearance: 5"7, 122 lbs, Average build. Crash wears a black body suit underneath a vest and pants that go down to her shins. She wears a mask over her mouth and a headband, which is her ninja uniform. When she's not in action though, she wears plain t-shirts and capris. Crash has blue eyes and long brown hair that she wears up in a ponytail.

Personality: Crash is usually very overexcited and is so hyper it usually annoys people. She is very, very stubborn and can be very naive. But, she's also very loyal to her friends and will overcome her fears to save them. Crash looks up to Mario as a big brother and idol, despite the fact that she's constantly trying to insult/dropkick him.

Weapons/Skills: Crash is a ninja, throws kunai, knows lots of gymnastics, and kicks major butt when it comes to fighting people at her own level. But, when she's dealing with upperclass swordsman, she's really not that good with longe range combat.